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DS : Moving sales part 1 - BRAND bags, socks and accessories - OVER 30 ITEMS

    * Items will be shipped with first-class mail, please ask me a quotation for insurance/traking number if you need them, I can combine shipping ! HELP ME SAVE YOUR MONEY ! Pour les Françaises, je fais des remises en main propre sur Paris mais je préfère recevoir le paiement par paypal.
    * I am NOT responsible for any lost or damages post once your parcel leaves my hands if you've not purchased an insurance.
    * I do not have any pets and neither do I smoke.
    * I only accept paypal = no e-checks.
    * Payment due within 4h in € once I have sent an invoice. Or the next person in line gets the item.
    * First to leave pp address and can paid right away gets the item, Inquiring about a item does NOT mean you have priority towards it.
    * The prices are a little bit higher than usual as I have already included pp fees. Please try to understand that shipping is expensive and I have to pay for the packing material as well.
    * I usually ship within 3 days after the payment is cleared (asap!) but if I'm too busy to go to the Post office I'll let you know.
    * Measurements are amateur-ish. It might be -/+ 2cm.
    * I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone.
    * ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO HOLDS except if you can send me a 2O% non-refundable deposit (for some items only).
    * Feedback here (+ 150 and more) :


(Non-sale related comments will either be screen or deleted for the sake of a neat and tidy post ! Thanks!)

====> SHIPPING FOR SMALL ITEM COST 2-5€ AND BIGGER PARCEL WITH INSURANCE AND TRACKING ABOUT 16-20€ : if you buy several items you only have to pay shipping once, just ask me for an estimation. ^O^

**********************************SOCKS ***********************************

AP Pony Sugary OTK yellow
* brand new
* 42€ all included, shipped worlwide with first-class mail

AP pony sugary yellow OTK

AP Polka dots chocolate OTK white sold to bubblues

AP Bunny and heart pattern OTK pink
* brand new, will come in its bag with the logo sticker
* 23€ all included, shipped worlwide with first-class mail

AP Bunny x heart OTK

BABY Twinkle logo OTK white
* brand new
* 38€ all included, shipped worlwide with first-class mail

BABY logo socks

Offbrand KH pattern ivory
* brand new
* 5€ + shipping

Cream pattern KH

***********************************  BAGS *******************************************

AP cookie bag pink sold to aveline_angel

AP cards tote bag ivory sold to annuchii    ==> feedback left

AP French Biscuit tote bag hot pink
* brand new
* 13€ + shipping

AP French biscuit tote bag

BABY Usakumya mini bag (smallest size) pink  sold to smileree  ==> feedback left

BABY Usakumya big tote bag with strings pink
* brand new
* 13€ + shipping

BABY Usakumya tote bag 1BABY Usakumya tote bag 2

BABY polka dots tote bag
* brand new
* 13€ + shipping

BABY dots tote bag

MILK pouch pink
* brand new
* 7€ + shipping


SWIMMER Gingerbread Sweets GIANT BAG pink lilac
* brand new
* don't use it to carry super heavy items (great for your petticoats and JSK, not for books or laptop!) ! Original price was 65-70€, don't miss it :) It's reallly big, as you can see I used 2 AP shopping bag as background ! I can take more pictures if you want to check how it looks inside or its shape when you put your stuff inside ;)
* 45€ + shipping

SWIMMER gingerbread big bag 1SWIMMER gingerbread bag 2

RILAKKUMA shoulder pouchette cream sold to lacefalls

REPLICA AP lollipop bag pink sold to withlaceplease  ==> feedback left
REPLICA IW Spade bag black sold to withlaceplease  ==> feedback left

***********************************  ACCESSORIES ***********************************

AatP logo muffler
* brand new
* gorgeous muffler, never feel like wearing it through !
* stock pictures :
* 45€ shipping worlwide with first-class mail included

AatP logo fur scarf

AP Little Bear's cafe muffler
* brand new (I have just kept it as a plush but he wants to go out XD)
* length : 95 cm, width : 10 cm
* 65€ + shipping

AP Little Bear cafe muffler

AP ribbon ring gold + matching pouch pink
* brand new
* 27€ + shipping

AP sparkling ribbon ringAP ribbon sparkling ring pouchette

AP Summer 2011 catalog + heart logo sticker
* brand new
* if you absolutely absolutelyyyy need to take a peek inside, I do have some photos, just ask me to post them :)
* 13€ + shipping

AP été 2011 catalog

BABY Sophie keychain    (Judy sold to crystal_moon975  ==> feedback left )
* brand new
* stock pictures :  and
* 22€ + shipping

BABY bear yellowBABY bears backs

BABY Fruits & Logo fan pink sold to sweetcreamotaku  ==> feedback left

BABY/AatP 2011 Spring catalog sold to  theloligirls   ==> feedback left

AP/AatP/BABY postcards + BABY logo ribbon set  sold to theloligirls  ==> feedback left

CHOCOMINT Tea pot clip pink sold to linen  ==> feedback left

CHOCOMINT Tea pot clip pink sold to linen  ==> feedback left

SWIMMER cake-shaped earphones winder pink
* brand new
* 11€ + shipping

SWIMMER cake earphones winder

6% Doki Doki Atomic Ice cream chocolate clip/broach SET sold to hutchy_cheese

Offbrand whipped cream strawberry ring
* brand new
* bought it in Korea because it looks like a Qpot product I like ! Adjustable ring (jewel box not included).
* 11€ + shipping

Strawberry whipped cream ring

Thanks for looking !

PS : To my buyers, you might want to know that I have already started to take pictures of the stuff I will sell in the second part of my sales, everything is in the first post of my LJ, help me save your money on shipping XD
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