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DS: Closet Cleaning, 20% Price Reductions! Open to Offers!

Terms of Sale:
- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept Paypal!
- Prices include paypal fees and shipping in the USA. 
- US buyers get priory. If shipping internationally please ask for a quote.
- I do have a cat, and she can get into my clothes. However, I can lintroll whatever object you are interested in to make sure no fur is passed upon request.
- All items have been steam cleaned prior to taking photos.
- I do not accept returns, all items are inspected and used unless otherwise stated. 
- I am not a fabric/lace knowledgeable but I will try my best!
- Photos will have a slightly yellow tint due to lightning. 
- I will ship 1-2 days after payment is received, if it needs to be sooner than that please let me know!
- Feel free to offer, I need these pieces gone from my closet. 
- Feel free to ask questions, or if you need any more photos. ^^


1. Unknown Chinese Brand White Long Sleeve Blouse:
Price: $20 Shipped in the USA $16 Shipped in the USA
I am the second owner of this pretty blouse, bought off the sales community a few months ago. I never really wore sadly due to having a few blouses I liked more and the fact it is a bit too small for me. It has a slight pinstripe that reflects in the light and is made of a light material perfect for the warmer seasons.  
Bust: 17 1/2 inches flat across
Length: 23 1/2 inches across
2. Unknown Chinese Brand Sheer Cream Cutsew:
Price: $20 Shipped in the USA $16 Shipped in the USA
I am the second owner of this sheer cutsew, given to me with one of my jsks. I rather like the blouse, but I have nothing that matches it. It would be perfect to be under a chocolate colored jsk. It's made of a light material, probably chiffon.
Bust: 19 inches flat
Lower Elastic: 15-22 inches streched
Length: 30 inches
3. Bodyline Black Long Sleeve Button Blouse:

I am the second owner to this blouse, a little to small for me sadly. I've only worn it twice in public, and much to my surprise it had a faint odor to it. After much washing, I've managed to get it an extremely faint odor in one of the armpits that can only be smelled if you press your nose right against the pit.
Price: $20 Shipped in the USA $16 Shipped in the USA
Bust: 17 inches flat
Waist: 14 1/2 inches flat
Length: 21 inches long
Can go smaller due to corset laced back.
4. Bodyline Black JSK:
Price: $60 Shipped in the USA $48 Shipped in the USA
Second owner to this one, and I've only worn it three times. It's just not my style, it's very cute and perfect for a punky coord or could be dressed up for something more gothic.
Bust: 15 inches (Corest back and shirring so it can fit a variety of sizes, would not recommend over a 90 cm bust)
Waist: Free
Length: 30 1/2 inches
6. Bodyline Black Petticoat:

Price: $20 Shipped in the USA $16 Shipped in the USA
I am the second owner, it gives a little extra poof and works well for a slip. Typical bodyline quality and been worn only once or twice by me. Elastic waist band!
Measurements: 13 inches to 20 inches strech for comfort.
7. Bodyline Red Wa-Lolita Set:


Price: $60 Shipped in the USA $48 Shipped in the USA
Second owner again! Bought this for an asian art presentation and no longer need it hanging around my closet. I love it but, no use for it! Comes with bow, kimono and obi (has a hidden zipper and has shirring). It fits a size XL, but with my measurements of a bust of 92 cm, and a waist 72 cm. It fits me comfortably and does not look oversized.  Note, I am selling the RED one.
Bust: Max 118 cm
Length: 96 cm
Sleeve Length: (from the center back) 82 cm
Width: 80-90 cm

Tags: !ds, bodyline, color:black, color:cream, color:white, fanplusfriend, indie brand, item:blouse, item:cutsew, item:jumperskirt
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