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!DS: ETC, Baby Ribbon, MILK, AP, Gelato Pique and BtSSB Items!

Hello all!

The Basics:

- My feedback:
- Paypal only (no echeck!)
- First to request an invoice gets the item!
- Invoice will be coming from ********ly****
- Please pay your invoice within 3 hours unless we have discussed other arrangements!
- Please only comment if you are serious about purchase!
- I do not charge fees, ever.
- No trades!!

*****I am always open to other offers/price negotiation! :)*****

Emily Temple Cute Biscuit OP, altered!

One of my favorite ETC prints! I purchased the OP and had it professionally altered into a JSK that is a likeness of one of ETC's JSK styles. I love it so much more now, but the color just isn't very good on me ;; Aside from the alterations, there is one spot that was repaired by the previous owner, a small pulling of two lines of the thread. The thread have been repaired underneath the dress, neatly, to keep it from moving! The threads are on the front left side, but can't be seen when worn.

Size: somewhat free, though I don't recommend over a 36" bust

Price: $125.00 shipped anywhere! I am open to offers! :)

Baby Ribbon Cerise JSK

Such a cute jsk!! One of Misako's favorite brands! Back has a panel of shirring and double ribbon waist ties (non-detachable). JSK has a size zip and adjustable straps too, with beautiful logo embroidery! Perfect condition!

Size: max bust of 34"-35"

Price: $155.00 shipped anywhere! I am open to offers! :)

MILK Cruise (Map Series) OP, altered!

This was just released this spring, but the sleeves on it were so tiny, I couldn't even get my arms through at all! I was crushed! I had it professionally altered to be sleeveless. Very cute alone or with a cardigan! Sales tag pictured was removed. Dress does not have the neck tie that came with it originally, alas, my alterations people lost it ;; I'll include the spring/summer freebie with this too, the clear cherry print tote bag! :) The dress and bag are in perfect brand new condition aside from dress alterations, I never got around to wearing it!

Size: Bust - 36" bust max, length - 32"

Price: $65.00 shipped anywhere! I am open to offers! :)

BtSSB Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night Blouse in Pink/Lavender

Brand new and never worn! Gorgeous blouse!

Price: $135.00 shipped anywhere! I am open to offers! :)

Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts Bag in Mint

Perfect condition!

Price: $90.00 shipped anywhere! I am open to offers! :)

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Knight Necklace

Never worn!

Price: $32.00 shipped anywhere! I am open to offers! :)

Gelato Pique Underdress in Ivory

So soft and comfy! Japanese brand Gelato Pique! Perfect for wearing underneath thin dresses or for mori-girl as a layer! Worn only once, in perfect condition! Stretchy fabric, adjustable straps!

Size: I wouldn't go over a 36" bust, but it is fairly free due to the stretch fabric!

Price: $55.00 shipped anywhere! I am open to offers! :)

Thank you for looking! If you have any questions, just ask! :)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute, item:accessory, item:bag, item:jumperskirt, milk
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