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DS: A ton of AP, BTSSB, Meta, Bodyline and AP replicas

Hey everyone, I am finally leaving lolita permanently so I am selling off almost everything that I still own. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Please comment or PM me with any offers.
I am currently NOT interested in trades.
My feedback is located here:
Thanks :)

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival JSK in black
Dresses 022
Original 2009 JSK. In really good condition, I searched for flaws and couldn't find any. I bought it used from yahoo japan auctions in 2009. I wore it only once for a few hours.
Price: $500 plus shipping

Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story JSK in white ON HOLD
Dresses 018
Bought new from the angelic pretty usa website in 2010. In excellent condition, I couldn't spot any flaws. Only worn once by me for a few hours. 
Price: $350 plus shipping

Angelic Pretty Magic Show Blouse in pink
Dresses 016
Bought new from the comm sales a few years ago. Worn 5+ times by me. Has stains from makeup around the collar on the inside, (not really noticeable when worn) and a few of the buttons may be loose. Might have other signs of wear as it has been worn considerably.
Price: $120 plus shipping

Angelic Pretty Square Switching Princess Bowtie Blouse in white
Dresses 021
Bought new from the angelic pretty usa website a few years ago. Worn a couple times. Has some discoloration under arms and might have slight discoloration on the inside of the collar, though I can't notice much. It is in great condition despite the discoloration.
Price: $140 plus shipping

Socks (prices do not include shipping)
Dresses 007
Angelic Pretty Milky Planet knee socks in pink: Brand new, $40
Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake OTK socks in sax: Brand new, $35
Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story OTK socks in navy: Like new, $30
BTSSB gloomy bear x usakumya knee socks: $30, some slight discoloration on soles
BTSSB polka dot knee socks: $25, good condition
BTSSB alice in wonderland OTK socks: $20, visible wear on soles
Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse socks in black: $25, some wear

Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly headbow in black
Dresses 010
Bought from the comm sales a few years ago. Is in excellent condition.
Price: $45 plus shipping

BTSSB accessories
Dresses 011
BTSSB Pony in sweet dreams bonnet in white
Bought from BTSSB website new. Worn a few times. Has some discoloration on ribbon and a small area of lace.
Price: $50
BTSSB gloves in white
Bought from BTSSB website new. Worn a few times. Has a decent amount of discoloration.
Price: $45 plus shipping
BTSSB hairclips in pink
Bought from BTSSB wesbite new. Worn a few times. One has some makeup stains but the other is in great condition.
Price: $20 plus shipping

BTSSB Circus print skirt in whitexpink
Dresses 020
Bought new from BTSSB san francisco. Worn a few times. In nice condition.
Price: $150 plus shipping

BTSSB blouse in white
Dresses 017
Received in a trade a few years ago. Has seen a lot of wear, has staining on the inside of the collar. Has a hook and eye sewn on the inside of the front to help with fit. 
Price: $60 plus shipping

Mintymix wig in blackxpurple
Dresses 012
Bought from her website. Never worn, only tried on. 
Price: $45 plus shipping

Prisila clip in half wig in natural black + clip-in Prisila bangs 
Dresses 013
Bought from Prisila website with shopping service. I put the bangs inside the bag.
Price: $60 (bought for about 8000 yen) plus shipping

Metamorphose Popping Balloon JSK in sax
Dresses 014
Bought new from website. Good condition.
Price: $150 plus shipping

Dresses 008
Bodyline replica BTSSB shoes size S in pink
Has visible wear, but not much. 
Price: $30 plus shipping
Secret Shop replica AP cake shoes size M in whitexpink
Still pretty good condition.
Price: $50 plus shipping

Replica AP candy bag in whitexpink
Dresses 009
Worn a few times but still in good condition.
Price: $40 plus shipping

Bodyline black blouse
Dresses 019
Bought new from bodyline. Worn once, new condition. Size M. 
Price: $30 plus shipping

I am located in PA and ship using priority mail. For buyers outside the US shipping must be calculated separately. I use paypal for payment. If you have any questions or need more photos or info, please comment. Thanks!

Thank you for looking and have a great day! :D

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand
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