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DS/DT!: ETC Cats & Notes Jsk, BtSSB socks -- WTB!: Juliette et Justine dress

- I send from Spain to worldwide.
- I may accept offers.- Prices are in Euros (€ / EUR).
- I accept Paypal payment method (and bank transfer just for national)
- The price does NOT include shipping or 7.5% paypal fees.
- You can solve paypal fees if you send the paypal payment as a "gift" (make sure to do well, if not, I reserve the right to not deliver the package until the correct amount be paid)
- I reserve the right to refuse to sell to someone.
- Preferably the person who can to pay before.
- I do not accept holds.- I am not responsible for any damage that may happen to the package in the shipment.
- Shipping cost prices are non-tracking, if you want tracking, ask me the price, please.
- Please only comment if you REALLY want to buy.
- My Feedback:

♥ Cats & Notes from Emily Temple Cute ♥

Bust: 75-97cm aprox.
Waist: 66-88cm aprox.
Length: 92cm

Full back shirring

With no flaws or stains

I could accept offers and trades for some Juliette et Justine or Emily Temple Cute dress!

Price: 170€ + shipping cost + ppfees (you can save it if you send the payment as a gift)


♥ Socks from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright ♥

Photos of details:

Chocolate colour

I could accept trades for some Emily Temple Cute socks!

Price: 15€ + shipping cost + ppfees (you can save it if you send the payment as a gift)



If you have some dress from Juliette et Justine for sale, I'll be interested in see it! Thank you very much!

(I'm sorry about my bad english ^^')

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:brown, color:cream, color:pink, emily temple cute, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, juliette et justine
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