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DS! AP Sugary Carnival skirt + headbow (BLK), BTSSB Alice Chess JSK (BLK), GLB, Jane Marple OTK

My Feedback

- I accept payment through Paypal // concealed cash at the buyer's own risk.
- Priority goes to the person who can pay first.
- Item goes to the person who makes the highest offer.
-Shipping + PP fees are NOT included unless stated.

*FYI: Even though an item may say that shipping is included, it does not mean that the PP fees are included.
* I am leaving for school on August 21st so the last day I can ship anything will be on: August 20th

*** I will not sell the headbow separately or even think about selling it separately unless there is someone who is willing to buy just the skirt. Thank you.

1.) Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Skirt in Blk with Headbow (First Release)
Measurements: 46cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 63-73cm waist
Condition: Like brand new, only worn once.
PRICE: $325

2.) BTSSB Alice Chess JSK (babydoll version) in Blk and white.
Measurements88cm length, 82cm body width, free-size shoulder width, 66cm below chest (Has shirring in the back and in the straps)
Condition: Basically brand new, only worn three times.
PRICE: $250


3a.) Gothic Lolita Bible Vol. 4 (Winter 2009, left)
Condition: Like New, patterns still intact
PRICE: $15 shipped

3b.) Gothic Lolita Bible Vol. 3 (Autumn 2008, middle)
Condition: Like New, patterns still intact
PRICE: $15 shipped

3c.) Gothic Lolita Bible Vol. 2 (Summer 2008, right)
Condition: Like New except page 7 is on the verge of falling out. Patterns still intact.
PRICE: $13 shipped


4.) Jane Marple (OTK socks in latte polka dot) with cute scalloped detail.
Condition: Brand new, only tried on once.
PRICE: $20


Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, jane marple
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