Lara Nai NightElf (laratatax4) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Lara Nai NightElf

DS: shoes, cutsews, headdresses, blouse, ect.


* Items come from smoke-free, pet-free home.
* All are in good condition, unless otherwise stated.
* Packages will be shipped out within 3 days of payment.
* Shipping prices are listed, I will combine shipping
* I accept paypal, check, money order, ect.
* Feel free to ask for additional pictures, and lemme know if you have questions~ ^^

I am open to offers and trades :3

Item 1: Putumayo cardigan
Condition: 5/5
Size: free
Price: $60 (I paid $80, worn once and decided it wasn't my style)
Shipping: $7 within US, $12 international
mov 005

Item 4: white boots
Condition: 4/5
Size: JP 24.5 (they are labeled a 26. but there's no way that's accurate)
Price: $40
Shipping: $15 within US, $25 international
mov 002

Item 5: black BodyLine Boots
Condition: 4/5
Size: JP 25
Price: $40
Shipping: $15 within US, $25 international
mov 004

Item 6: black faux fur cardigan
Condition: 5/5
Size: Recommended for a bust at least 38inches. I am 33 inches and it is too big for me :(
Price: $10
Shipping: $7 within US, $12 international
mov 001

Item 7: Innocent World headdress
Condition: 5/5
Price: $12
Shipping: $5 within US, $9 international
2012-07-09 13.41.28

Item 8: white/wine rose headdress
Condition: 5/5
Price: $8
Shipping: $5 within US, $9 international
2012-07-09 13.50.32
Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, innocent world, offbrand, putumayo
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