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DS! DT! Angelic Pretty: Chocolate Polkadot

 I´m selling/trading my Chocolate Polkadot salopette in pink colorway
 I don´t have any pets
 Shipping is from Germany
 The prices are in euro and shipping is NOT included
 Smoke-free home
 Paypal-fees don´t included
 I´m not responsible for lost,damage or stolen packages after shipping, no returns.
 Trades welcome (shipping cost by own piece.Shipping ONLY tracked,insurance in consulation)

- 215 Euros ( 265$) without shipping or trade, open for offers-

Proof of ownership:
 Bought second hand from another lolita,she wore it once, I just tried it on.
Its in a great condition and like new.
NO: signs of use,stains,or soemething else.
Perfect for everyday sweet-lolita and as cutie casual

 Its perfect for summer because it´s a light satin fabric and really soft to wear.
The salopette has a built-in-petti and ajustable straps.

length: 72cm but some cm more because the straps
low waist: 92cm but it also fit with 98cm maybe even more.

I really like to trade,maybe you have something from my wishlist?
Highest priority first. I can add matching headbow for trade.

- Sugar Hearts Jsk, lavender,pink,maybe mint
- Dream Sky Jsk,OP, lavender,blue,pink,maybe black
- Sugar Pansy OP, lavender,pink,yellow
- Jewelry Jelly Jsk,black,maybe pink/blue
- Honey Cake Op, pink
- Dreamy Horoscope Op,light blue
- Sugar Fairy Cake Op, pink, yellow
- Strawberry Palor Jsk, (back shirred) yellow, pink,black
and other. Make me an offer ^3^

Thank you
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, color:brown, color:pink, item:salopette

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