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DS: Leaving Lolita: HUGE Closet Clean-out! AP, BTSSB, IW, Meta, Cyperous and more

+ I ship from Olympia, Washington
+ PayPal only
+ All applicable PayPal fees are to be paid for by buyer
+ I am not accepting trades at this time
+ Because I will be away at school, all payment plans must be completed by Sept. 20 in order to receive items before Thanksgiving
+ Feedback (22 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative):

Leaving lolita. All prices are negotiable and I'll take the best offer.  I'll combine shipping for multiple items and also may all-over price of combined items.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

All items fit 34-36" bust, 27-29" waist, and 35-37" hips.  I can provide exact measurements when asked!

Condition scale:
5/5 - no flaws, like new
4/5 - slightly worn but still looks like new
3/5 - small flaws, otherwise okay
2/5 - many flaws, worn
1/5 - falling apart

AP Happy Garden OP Set Sax: $300        condition: 5/5     SOLD
Happy Garden OP Set
Flawless, only tried on.

AP Fruits Parlor JSK Set Pink: $300          condition: 5/5   SOLD
Fruits Parlor JSK Set
Flawless, only tried on.

AP Whimsical Vanilla-Chan Round JSK Set Pink: $350        condition: 5/5   SOLD
Whimsical Vanilla-Chan Set
Flawless, worn twice.

Innocent World Chandelier JSK Black: $350          condition: 5/5   PAYMENT PENDING
Innocent World Chandelier JSK
Flawless, worn once.

BTSSB l'Oiseau Bleu JSK Mint: $250          condition: 4/5     SOLD
l'Oiseau Bleu JSK
[ Spot ]  [ Spot Close-up ]
This dress has only one flaw, and it is a tiny spot on the skirt of the dress.  The spot is not largely noticeable when worn.

AP Little Bear's Cafe Set Cream: $275        condition: 4.5/5   SOLD
Little Bear's Cafe Set
[ Spot on Socks #1 ]     [ Spot on Socks #2 ]
Both the skirt and headbow are flawless, only worn three times.  The socks were never worn by me, but were worn by the previous owner and have minor spots on the bottom of the feet from being worn.

AP Sugary Carnival Skirt 1st edition: $200          condition: 3/5 SOLD
Sugary Carnival Skirt 1st Edition
[ Spot ]     [ Spot Close-up ]
I purchased this skirt without the detachable waistbow and it also came with a small stain on the side of the skirt.  Luckily, the stain is placed on the far left side of the skirt near the seam and cannot be seen when worn due to the pleating.  Besides these two items, the skirt is in a great condition.

Bodyline Petticoat (left): $20          condition: 4/5 SOLD
Handmade Petticoat (right): $20     condition: 4/5   SOLD
Both Petticoats: $35

These petticoats have low volume and I usually wore them at the same time.  Together they have medium skirt volume.
Both skirts are in good condition, but they do not look brand new.

[ Anna House Tag ]     [ Metamorphose Tag ]
Anna House Bloomers (left): $20         condition: 5/5      SOLD
    - Worn a handful of times, but still in great condition, no flaws.
Metamorphose Bloomers (right): $20   condition: 5/5     SOLD
    - Worn twice and is still in a flawless condition.

[ Anna House Tag ]    [ Metamorphose Tag ]
Anna House Blouse (left): $40       condition: 5/5   SOLD
   - Worn a handful of times, no flaws
Handmade Blouse (center): $35     condition: 3/5 SOLD
   - Worn three times, no stains.  I removed the top bow with a seam ripper, but I made sure it could be easily reattached. Over     time, this blouse has also lost two buttons, near the bottom.  It is still completely wearable without the missing buttons.
Meta Blouse (right): $45                condition: 5/5   SOLD
   - Worn once, no visible flaws.

Off-Brand Sheer Blouse: $45          condition: 5/5   SOLD
Off-Brand Sheer Black Blouse
This blouse has been worn once and is still in perfect condition.

Wig Heads:   $5 each          condition: 5/5 SOLD
Wig Heads
I'm offering these wig heads to anyone who would like one.  They were used to hold my wigs while I changed into lolita, and were commonly used to display headbows.  Now they are just taking up space and I just want to sell them so they will be used.

Cyperous Long Hime Wig: $80          condition: 4/5
Cyperous Long Hime Wig 1
[ View 1 ]   [ View 2 ]   [ View 3 ]   [ Packaged ]
I really love this wig, so it's hard to see it go.  Worn about five times, it's still in great condition and has a deep honey color.  The bangs are untrimmed and nothing has been altered since I bought it from the Cyperous website.

This wig comes with its original shipping bag and hair net, and also comes with a new matching wig cap.

Cyperous Medium-Length Hime Wig: $40      condition: 3/5   SOLD
Cyperous Medium-Length Hime Wig 1
[ View 1 ]   [ View 2 ]   [ Packaged ]
This is another wig I hate to see go, but it turns out I don't look great with straight-across bangs, so I hardly wore it.  This is a medium-length hime wig in a honey color.  In comparison to the other Cyperous wig, this one is in a slightly lighter shade of honey blonde.  The ends of the curls show some wear, and the bangs are  cut to meet below the eyebrow line.

This wig comes with its original shipping bag and hair net, and also comes with a new matching wig cap.

Long Off-brand Blonde Wig: $25         condition: 4/5
Long Blonde Wig
[ Packaged ]

This long wig is in a brassy blonde shade and the bangs are uncut.  Although a lower quality than the Cyperous wigs, this wig is surprisingly thick.  I would not recommend this to dark-haired ladies as the top of the wig has the potential to show through.

This wig comes with hair net and a new matching wig cap.

Angelic Pretty Heart Bag: $80                condition: 5/5    SOLD
   - Used twice, still in perfect condition and comes with original package paper stuffing inside.
BTSSB Medium Usakumya Bag: $80     condition: 4/5    SOLD
   - Used four times, this bag is still in great condition, and only shows minor strap wear.

Antenna Shoes, Size 41: $50           condition: 2.5/5   SOLD
Antenna Heels 1
[ Size ]   [ Flaw #1 ]   [ Flaw #2 ]   [ Flaw #3 ]   [ Top View ]

These shoes have been worn multiple times, and definitely show some use.  However, when worn these shoes show only scuffs at the toes.  These shoes will be shipped with a container of white shoe polish for the future owner to use for future wear.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Items
BTSSB Misc Items
BTSSB Spring 2011 Catalog:         $15      condition: 5/5   SOLD
BTSSB Headbow:                          $20      condition: 5/5
BTSSB Sophie-Chan Keychain:     $15      condition: 4/5 SOLD

Jewelry 2
[ View #1 ]   [ View #2 ]
Pearl Bracelet Set: $3      condition: 5/5     No flaws.
Pearl Bow Ring:     $3      condition: 3/5     Worn a couple of times, showing minor discoloration.
Black Rose Ring:   $3      condition: 5/5     Never worn, no flaws.
Hello Kitty Ring:     $5      condition: 3/5     Missing a rhinestone, but perfect otherwise.
AP Tea Cup Ring: $10     condition: 3/5     Missing a pearl and tea cup has loosened a bit on the ring
Pearl Earrings:      $10     condition: 5/5     Brand new, worn once.
Pink Bracelet:        $2      condition: 4/5     Never worn, no flaws.

Kawaii Factory Donut Jewelry Set
Kawaii Factory Doughnut Jewelry Set: $5      condition: 4/5   SOLD

Custom ordered from Kawaii Factory, but never worn.  All are still in great condition, but the chocolate ring (far right) was detached from the ring in-transit.  It can easily be reattached with super glue or hot glue.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories
Plush Sax Headbow:     $5        condition: 5/5   SOLD
Pink Lace Headbow:     $5        condition: 5/5
Plush Pink Headbow:    $5        condition: 5/5
Velcro Bows:                $3        condition: 5/5
Gold Star Clip:             $10       condition: 5/5
Biscuit Star Clip:          $10       condition: 5/5

Miscellaneous Items
Misc Items
BN White Tights Size M/L:    $5       condition: 5/5
Handmade Wristcuffs:           $5       condition: 5/5   SOLD
Unopened False Eyelashes:  $3       condition: 5/5

Thanks for taking a look!
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