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ES! Handmade bows and bloomers


☆prices in USD
★prices are non-negotiable
☆shipping from California (prices on this page are listed without shipping added. Please check the etsy listing for the full price)
★I combine shipping!
☆international buyers are responsible for custom fees.
★I am not responsible for anything lost, damaged, or stolen in the shipping process
☆all sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges

☆Paypal only. I prefer to do transactions over Etsy for better buyer/seller protection but I can also send you an invoice through paypal

Many more images of each product can be found on the etsy listing

If you'd have any questions please feel free to contact me either here or on Etsy.


**black bloomers also available!

All information can be found within the Etsy listing

White Bloomers $20

Pink Bloomers $20

Blue Bloomers $20

10% off 3 pairs any color! $56

Long bloomers (in white, black, blue, or pink) $25


★ Measures 7 inches across
☆ Fabric is reinforced with interfacing (meaning the bow won't be flimsy and see through!)
★ Bow can be positioned wherever you like or even taken off the headband
☆ All seams carefully handstitched securely
★ Headband wrapped in the same fabric as the bow $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 **Please note this bow is 2" larger than the other bows (9" length) $17 **Please note this bow is 2" larger than the other bows (9" length)

Tags: !es, handmade, item:hair accessory, item:innerwear
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