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DS: Petticoats, Wa-lolita and some Petticoats

Hello everyone! I have a few items for sale here.
Please read this before you buy from me!! :
1.All items come from a pet free and smoke free home! I have allergies myself,so I know that your items will be okay.
2.Prices do not include shipping. Please let me know where you are located so I can give you a quote.
3.Paypal is my preferred method of payment. 
4.Petticoats will be shipped in boxes large enough to accommodate them. I know that no one wants a petti that's been squished and shipped in an envelope!
5.I will be shipping from the U.S. I'd prefer to only ship within North America as it's my first time being a seller and I'm worried about things getting lost overseas!
6.If you have any questions about my items,me or other things please ask,I don't bite. :)
7.Sales are final.
8.If you see something you like and want to negotiate a price,let me know! 

My feedback is here:

Item 1: Wa-lolita kimono- Asking $80

Item description: The kimono as you can see is a beautiful teal/turquoise blue color with navy trim. It is made of cotton.It was made by sky creation for me. The skirt  stops at about the knees on me and I'm about 5 foot 4. It has been worn twice. The kimono has an obi secured by d-rings, which will come with it. The skirt can fit a very large petticoat under it as well.

Item 2: Bodyline petticoat-Asking $25

Item Description:This is a new Bodyline petticoat with tags still attached. It is a flatter petticoat. It's best used for layering or for when you just want to dress casually. It is in excellent condition and has no tears or anything. The petticoat is even lined with an underskirt!

Item 3: Kirakirajenjen Petticoat-Asking $35

This is a fabled Kirakirajenjen petticoat! I'm not quite sure if she even sells these anymore. If I had to rate it's poof level on a scale of 0-5, it's at least a 4. It holds up quite well and can give you that extra fluff that your skirt needs. It has lace trim and an underskirt to keep the netting from scratching at you. It probably shouldn't be layered with another petticoat unless you want you skirt to explode! XD It is in excellent condition.

Thanks for looking!

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