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AFC: Hair accessories - Black Roses

* My feedbacks
* I ship from Poland, always with tracking
* Shipping cost is 2-8$
* I can make all accessories within 1-2 days
* First hairpin is for 10$
* Second hairpin is for 9$
* Third hairpin is for 8$
* I have also other colors, just ask :)

Rose Hairpin:

available colors:

1. black x deep blue

2. black x wine red

3. black x black 

4. black x ivory

5. black x purple

6. black x red

7. black x sax blue

8. black x white

9. black x royal blue

Tags: !afc, color:black, color:blue, color:cream, color:purple, color:red, color:white, handmade, item:hair accessory
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