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WTB something off my wish list!

I'll put this on top so it's more visible since it was apparently hidden on the bottom before.

my feedback!

Plain and simple, it's my birthday and since hubby always forgets to get me something nice I thought I'd just buy my own present this year~

I'm looking for a fully shirred brand jsk. Meta is preferred, but I'll look at other brands too. Just for the record, I have a bust of about 50" A full set is preferred (at least jsk with matching headbow), but I don't mind getting just the dress~ My price range is right around $200, but if you give me till the end of the week I can possibly go up to $300.

I like sweet and pink is my favorite color, followed closely by red, but I'm starting to branch out into other colors as well. I'd really like a black dress as well. Prints only though, I'm not super keen on solid colored dresses. I love flowers and berries and kitties. Not big on sweets themes, but I'll consider them.

I'll look at anything, but here's a list of my most wanted dresses~
Meta Crown Bouquet in black
Meta Honey Picnic in any color (tho lavender is preferred)
Meta Jewel Butterfly in any color
Meta Gingham Cherry in navy

Other things I'm on the hunt for:
a matching headbow for Crown Bouquet in ivory
Red shoes in a US size 10 (all red please, also must be fairly flat. No tea parties, RHS are love tho)
Socks - pink or white most likely. I just want more socks x__x

Just to note, my internet is kind of sucky at the moment so I can sometimes take a while to respond. Plus I'm a night owl so I usually only go online at night.

US seller would be preferred but not necessary.

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