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DS: Four Week Repost , Selling Wigs, Boystyle, Secret Shop Shoes, Metamorphose Blouse

Feedback available here: (100% positive!)

Before I start, I am shipping from Canada, which can be expensive. The prices listed do not included shipping, unless explicitly stated. Payment must be done through paypal. Priority is given to buyers that can pay immediately. Finally, there are no refunds and I cannot accept responsibility if the post office loses the parcel (I have never had this happen before). I can show proof that I have shipped your item. I am not looking for trades at this time.

Prices are in CAD.

Feel free to pm me questions that are not already answered in the post!

Blue Wig:
This is a chin length wig in a light, icy blue, blended with purple. The fibers are a decent quality and are very easy to spike up, even without gel! (Example in last picture.) Has been tried on once (and washed with shampoo after). Perfect for boystyle!
Price is $15.

Medium Length Brown Wig:
This wig has beautiful soft fibers and is very, very thick. It falls just below the shoulders. Unfortunately, it has a cheap netting (like a party store wig would) on the inside. However, this can't be seen when you're wearing the wig. Has never been worn.
Price is $10.

Long Blue Wig:
This is a very nice wig, once again from Fantasy Sheep. It's very thick and extremely soft. In fact, it's thicker than my own hair, and I have a lot of hair! I love this wig, but I'm no longer going to cosplay the character that the wig was meant for. The braid is simply for easy storage and to keep the wig from getting tangled. When loose, the wig is 80cm long and reaches past my waist (almost to my hips). Has never even been tried on.
Price is $35.

Bunny Cardigan:
This is an adorable cardigan with cute bunny ears attached to the hood. There are also cute frills on the sleeves. It's a great everyday item that makes your outfit a little more cute! The paint has chipped slightly on one of the buttons, but it isn't very noticeable. Has been tried on once by me. I am the second owner of the item.
Measurements are 85cm chest and 76cm waist, but can probably takes about 5cm more, since the material is stretchy.
Price is $25 or $30 shipped to US and Canada!

Lolita Blouse:
This is a fairly standard white lolita blouse from Bodyline. It has puffy princess sleeves, which flare out at the bottom. It's very cute! It's been worn a few times, so the lace on the sleeves has been pulled a bit, but it's not very noticeable when worn. It comes with a pin-on striped bow (not pictured).
Max measurements are 98cm (chest) and 86cm (waist).
Price is $25.

Short Sleeved Metamorphose Blouse:
This is a standard short sleeved white blouse for any lolita coord. It's made by Metamorphose. I have to say that the quality is rather nice, and quite a step up from Bodyline. It has partial shirring on the back and the sleeves stretch as well, both to accomadate different sized arms and to give make the sleeves puffy. It's very cute! It has only been worn once by me and I am the second owner of the item.
Maximum size of the item is 96cm (chest) and 85cm (waist). It could probably stretch a little more, but it might not be the most comfortable.
Price is $45.

Bodyline Vest and Shorts Set!
This is a vest and short combo designed for boystyle lolita from Bodyline. It's very cute and has never been worn (in fact, the tag is still attached to the vest). It's adorned with wonderful rose buttons and cute bows. I love it, but have outgrown the style. This also comes with a waist-tie (pictured with shorts). Also, the buttons are silver, but the camera makes them look funny.
Maximum measurements for the vest are 92cm (chest) and 78cm (waist). Maximum measurements for the shorts are 78cm (waist) and 104cm (hips).
Price is $45.

Secret Shop Shoes:
These are a pair of cute shoes to wear with lolita. They were bought from Secret Shop and have never been worn outside. In fact, I've only tried them on once! They have lots of cute bows and a small heel. The little orange dots are from sunlight coming through the window - the shoes are spotless.
I have one pair in medium (23.5cm feet) and another in large (24.5cm feet).
Price is $40 for each pair or $60 shipped to US and Canada! (Shipping these costs about $23 by Canada Post, no joke).

Thank you for looking!

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