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DS: Mini Bodyline Closet Cleaning

  • US buyers only please
  • I have one dog, but she has no access to the items
  • Paypal only
  • Prices include both paypal fees and shipping
  • Willing to accept haggling if the prices seem reasonable
it’s empty since this is my first sales post

--Bodyline Shoes 178 in sax || Size 25.0cm - $25.00



They’re a size 25.0cm and they pretty much exactly fit my feet which, when I measured, were a little under 25cm. They’re incredibly worn in the heel with some scuffs in the front and on the sides near the bottom.

--Bodyline Sweet Chocolate Biscuit JSK in sax || Size M - $47.01



Bust: 33 inches, stretches up to 36 inches with sheering
Waist: Bodyline says 28 inches but I was able to fit it comfortably with a 32 inch waist

No stretching, tears, or stains on the dress. There’s shirring in the back, but it only stretches two or three inches at most. Comes with two detachable bows and (non-detachable) waist-ties.

--Bodyline Carousel Skirt in sax || Size T2L - $31.57



Waist: 28-32 inches

I have only worn this skirt once to try it on. I absolutely loved it when I bought it but I’ve had it almost a year and can’t find any way to coord it that I would enjoy so I’m finally letting go. Back of skirt has some elastic to allow for minimal stretching. This is an especially nice dress for taller lolitas/girls with long legs. Comes with detachable bow and removable waist-ties.

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