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Lavender Spikes

DS: AP, Putu, AatP, and cute affordable OTKs!

Rules and Conditions:

-All prices are in USD and include Paypal fees.
-Prices do not include shipping.
-I will look at offers after 24 hours
-I will do payment plans with a 10% non-refundable deposit. Same goes for holds.
-I will not look at trades
-All items sold as-is.
-I reserve the right to refuse any offer for any reason.
-Barring various natural disasters, I ship within two business days
-Paypal ONLY


I will try to be fair, but if you want to guarantee getting something, leave a note and PM me your paypal address! This means that you wish to buy the item. It is *not* a general hold while you are still deciding.


Shipping Info

If you choose not to pay for tracking, I cannot take responsibility for what happens to it after it leaves my hands. Choose to ship un-tracked at your own risk (but I've yet to have a problem!)

Accessories are $4 shipping flat rate by small packet worldwide!*

Ask for combined shipping!

*Due to worries about postal theft, I do not ship to South America untracked. I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but it is just too high a risk.

Calculate your shipping here

--For EMS, assume all socks and accessories weigh 100g packed. That will get you the minimum EMS charge for your location.---


1. Pony Carousel OTKs  ALL SOLD!
*pink  SOLD!
*sax  SOLD!
*black  SOLD!

15 USD each!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. Bow Stripe OTKs
*lavender x sax  SOLD!
*lavender x yellow  SOLD!

15 USD Each!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3. AP Tricky Stripe Wrist Cuffs in pink    SOLD!
-Nightmare Before Christmas x Angelic Pretty Collab.
-Worn a couple times, washed

35 USD

4. AP Candy Drop Wrist Cuffs in mint
45 USD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5. Land of Sweets Putumayo Cutsew in wine x white  SOLD!
-Worn once, washed
-Excellent condition. No pilling, no cracking
25 USD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

6. AP Melty Chocolate Bangle in mint
-Worn a couple times, good condition
45 USD

7. AP Candy Stripe Ring in red x white
-Worn a couple times, good condition
27 USD

8. AP Dot Heart Ring in red x white
-Worn a couple times, good condition
27 USD

9. AP Dot Heart Barettes in red x white
-Worn a couple times, good condition
20 USD

***Special Set! Dot heart accessories together for 43 USD!***

10. BtSSB Fairy Night Fantasia in gold x silver glitter
-Used a couple times, excellent condition
22 USD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Please fill out the following form if you are intersted in an item, to save us all a lot of time and trouble:

Item of interest:
Country you are in:
Shipping type preferred:

This goes for inquiries as well as if you are PM-ing me your paypal address. Thank you for understanding!

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