Kitteh (captainmeow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS; Price reduction! Wigs! Putumayo cutsew and OTK! Aatp OP and skirt! Fake nails!


- I ship from the U.S but international buyers are welcomed. I'll mark the price down too if you like.
- I own a cat and live with a smoker, please be cautious.
- SERIOUS buyers only.
- No holds, unless you pay a non-refundable fee.
- I am not responsible for lost packages after it is sent out.
- Buyers pay the paypal fee or send payment as a gift.
- I ship within a week after payment. If not, I'll contact you.
- I can do NYC face trades!
- I do not accept trades unless its something from my wishlist; .

Long, curly brown wig, $26 shipped and tracked within the U.S~
Worn twice! A few strands of hair has come out of the curls but the curls are all still intact. I left the bangs the way they came as well. Heat resistant too!

Brown wig, $15 shipped/tracked within the U.S.
Used a few times and has been cut and styled. I'm not a good at cutting wigs so I feel it'll need some fixing, but when wearing it I dont see a problem. I wouldnt say the quality is amazing, but it can be washed and curled/straighten.

Putumayo socks, black x white with red designs, $35 shipped/tracked within the U.S.
New with tags. I am the first owner and have never tried it on. Price is a bit more than tag price, as I had to pay shipping and other fees to receive these socks.

Aatp's Apple Princess one piece in black, $198 shipped within the U.S
Its really beautiful. Its pretty much your average cutsew one piece, but its a bit long. I am the first owner and have only worn it once indoors for photos.

Aatp's Vampire Requiem skirt in ivory, $365 shipped/tracked within the U.S.
Bought secondhand but have only tried it on.
Measurements, pics, and info here;

Putumayo, pink cutsew, $43 shipped/tracked within the U.S.
I bought this secondhand and only tried it on. The chest is too big on me so it doesnt look good IMO. I have a 29 inch bust. :< I really love this but I dont think I can wear it. The designs has glitter on it which makes it cute~ The buttons are just for show.

Long brown wig, $25 shipped/tracked within the U.S.
Bought this wig thinking it was blonde-ish brown but it seems the color was way off in worn pictures. I'd really like to get rid of this so I can get the color wig that I want. I only opened the wig to take pics. I have never worn it. I believe its heat resistant as its really soft and great quality!

Fake nails, $12 shipped/tracked within the U.S.
The color is a clear tone with some pink tips and some deco like things on a few of it. There is also a flower design on the clear/bottom part. Comes with a small, nail glue but I'm not sure if it dried up or not since I had this for a while but I forgot about it so its new. I did open it to see whats inside and it seems my nails are too small for this .

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, item:accessory, item:cutsew, item:legwear, item:onepiece, item:skirt, item:wigs, putumayo
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