kiritosmichiru (kiritosmichiru) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS Metamorphose Lucky pack OP, Rose melody Twilight music JSK, Bodyline OP,

-Sales in US are given more priority but will ship out of country at buyers knowledge shipping will be alittle more.
- refunds will not be given
- I live with a cat but shes not allowed in my closet, But will lint roll anything that is sold just in case. For allergy purposes
- shipping is From RI, USA
PAYPAL is preffered! Due to recent scams if you would like an item please send me your paypal to my inbox here.

-Feedback -
I also have ebay feedback also. I dont sell a lot here on the comm plus I dont get lots of feedback when I buy also.

1. Rose Melody  Twilight music Jsk +headbow. $200+ shipping obo

measurements are :
Bust 112cm
Waist 106 cm.
Length is 94 cm
I have only worn this once,

2. Bodyline Antique Clock OP Lavender $35+shipping
Size is medium
Dress is  fully shired
Made the waist bow into headbow will include that also( not pictured)

3.Metamorphose 2006 LP OP in Black 70+shipping
this babydoll dress is fully shirred also
Im 3rd owner Dress is in pretty good shape since I have had it the only problem I have had is a button that just keeps popping off I have reinforced it by sewing it back in its original position.  Also have a pair of Raschel Lace black meta socks that can be sold to you with the OP for just 10 dollars more.

4. offbrand cupcake purse 8.00+shipping
Im 2nd owner bought this off the comm sales but I really have nothing that it will go with plus its alittle small for me.
it will fit a cell phone and maybe a small wallet.

Thank you for your time.

Tags: !ds, *plus size, bodyline, color:black, item:accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:onepiece, metamorphose, offbrand, rose melody
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