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DS: Ponytail Wig + reposted GLP blouse



Please read the rules and description carefully before buying.
If you have some questions about items, feel free to ask!

R U L E S:
☆† I ship from Poland.
☆† I'm always very open to any reasonable offers because I want all my things to go
☆† Please make an offer but priority goes to the buyer who can pay full price
☆† I don't smoke and don't have any pets
☆† Prices are in USD with shipping included to Europe, if you are a buyer outside of EU, please add 5$ to the price
☆† This time the buyer has to cover PP fees. So I'll add 5% of the price to your invoice. Or you can send me money as a gift to me to avoid paying PayPal fees.
☆† I ship with Polish Mail as soon as I can after receiving the payment (tracking is +5$)
☆† I'm not responsible for lost packages, so no refunds

My proof is my pink bed cape.


1. GLP blouse


Description: Elegant shirt from GLP, I wore it once, so it's like new. I'm selling it because I don't have the opportunity to wear it. It's a size S, measurements: max bust 35" and max waist 28,5". It fits smaller measurements too, since for reference: I have a 29" bust and a 23" waist.

Price: 35$ SHIPPED IN EU

2. Purple wig + curly ponytails

Description: It's a wig i bought some time ago at Cosplay Wig; I happen to have three more wigs from them, all are very good quality, made from soft and non-tangling kanekalon fibers. I used the short wig a few times, but I had the ponytails attached only once. The wig is washed, I haven't brushed the ponytails though since I've just got them out of the package. I had them on only for two hours. I will brush them before shipping. The wig is sold out so I couldn't get stock photos of it, but I got other pictures from Cosplay Wig that present the same style and also the color of the wig. As the picture shows, it isn't a pure purple wig, it's mixed dark purple, lavender and black. It gives a truly great effect while wearing.
The only flaw of Cosplay Wigs is the fact that the straps to adjust your wig break very easily. I've delicately sewn them back. Besides that the wig is in great condition. It's very soft and doesn't tangle.
The ponytails are about 50cm long.

Price: 42$ SHIPPED IN EU

If you don't like the price, please feel free to make an offer! All prices are negotiable!

T h a n k you!
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