Jola Rocknrolla (jola) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Jola Rocknrolla

DS: AP, BtSSB dresses, offbrand, other AP items and sets

Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Payment: Paypal
Feedback: "jolarocknrolla" on ebay
buying/selling feedback on DOA, on LJ ... and now EGL Feedback

All prices listed are BIN. prices do not include shipping. shipping w/in the usa is $4 for first class for socks $8 for priority mail w/ tracking. Outside of the usa it's $25 for small packages and $45 for large (jewelery, or 1 pair of socks would be small, a jsk or purse would be big), will include tracking and insurance up to $100. No trades. feel free to make me an offer if you like but i will sell to the first person who will pay the BIN.

international: i could do first class which has no tracking but i would ONLY accept this option if you paid as a personal "gift" through paypal. First class for 1-2 pairs of socks will be between $6-$10 depending on where it's going. JSKs and such will be between $15-$20.

Please do not pm since i don't always get notifications. first person to leave their paypal here gets it, MUST note country and shipping option. i will ship out within 5 business days of full payment.

I will not trade, swap, or split sets. NOT SPLITTING SETS!

1) BtSSB "strawberry letters" fully shirred jsk INCLUDING coordinating AP tripple-berry socks, matching btssb socks and BtSSB b/w strawberry purse. I will also include the FREE hairpiece pictured (photoshop cake not included, lol). SOLD AS SET ONLY! $370 + shipping - SOLD">">">">

2) dress: offbrand (white moon) has strange measurements:
Bust: 107 cm
Lower bust: 100 cm
Waist: 84 cm
Asking $50

3) Polkadot Dress set! BtSSB jsk (back shirring), red/white BtSSB socks pictured (worn, a bit of staining at heel only), IW red/white headband and AP barrette. SET ONLY! $300

(the person who buys the dress set can also purchase the coordinating AP parasol for $65 + $4 extra shipping, USA ONLY shipping for the umbrella)

4) AP fully shirred "Dreaming of macarons OP in black SET with socks and AP pink necklace w/ tags and pink AP ring. SOLD AS A SET ONLY. $320 - SOLD">">
Matching socks (2nd hand, has pilling):">
NEW pink AP necklace and ring, got these directly from AP, tags removed from ring but never worn:">">

5) AP red heart necklace and headband set $70

6) AP red bolero w/ pearl trim sold

7) AP red "Openwork turtleneck, very stretchy! $75

8) BtSSB altered dress w/ witch hat (the darn hat was expensive sorry!), no waist ties, they were used to alter the dress and make it wider in the bust and waist. Now fits up to 43" chest and 34" waist, can go smaller because of corset lacing in the back. $400

(I can sell the matching socks in the photos to the person who buys the dress for $30 extra, they have been worn once for pics only, otherwise i'd prefer to keep them)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world
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