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+ i prefer US buyers/traders. i will sell/trade internationally if it is a really good offer.
+ shipping is not included in the prices listed (for sales)
+ PayPal only, please.
+ priority goes to buyers who can promptly pay the full asking price in one payment.
+ to reserve your spot for buying, please do not post your Paypal address; rather, PM me.
+ i ship via United States Postal Service with tracking. *if you do not want tracking, you must pay via PayPal's gift option.
+ i am not responsible for lost or stolen items. no returns.
+ for trading, i require both proof of shipping (photo of post office receipt) and a tracking number (with insurance). i will provide the same.
+ i live with a dog and a cat but they are never near my closet.
+ my feedback is here
+ my proof will be my measuring tape.
+ unfortunately my friend is borrowing my Canon camera, so i only have my pictures taken with my phone.

for sale/trade
Atelier BOZ OP in Black

additional photos: tag | sleeve/skirt detail 1 | sleeve detail 2 | skirt detail 2 | bodice detail | full photo of dress
amateur measurements: 78cm bust, 66cm waist - there is corset lacing in the front and may give a few more centimeters, but not much.
reason for selling/trading: impulse buy; i thought i may be able to fit it but unfortunately i couldn't. would like to get back what i paid for it, trade for something similar, or partial trade. like new, i couldn't find any flaws on it.
will trade for: another black JSK or OP, preferably brand. must fit 92cm bust and 74cm waist please! will partial trade for Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival Switching JSK in black only. will also consider shoes (size 22-22.5cm/small) or blouses.
price: $75usd

thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, !dt, atelier boz, color:black, item:onepiece
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