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DS - Vanilla chan pink round jsk. SOLD

Feedback -
First person to ask for the invoice gets the sale.
Price includes shipping in U.S., outside you'll need me to calculate shipping.

UPDATE - In light of the shipping costs and the unreliable first class option I'm going to try to sell only in the United States unless I somehow find a cheaper way to ship overseas. You're welcome to ask what the price to ship priority is but for such a cheap dress I can't imagine anyone out of country to pay for it. Also I miscalculated the weight on my package so it will be a little more then my last estimates I gave people overseas. 150$ shipped in U.S. is still ok

Trying to sell this quickly $150 shipped United States. Considering offers but I hope nothing to much lower then what I'm asking.

EDIT $160 shipped to Canada priority with tracking, insurance is optional. First class is cheaper but offers no tracking or insurance so priority is more reliable.

Dress proof!
Small stain circled! It's a blue ink stain, I tried to remove it, no success. edit - I've discovered some light yellowing stains on the front bow, these might be from when I tried to remove the blue stain...

Circled areas of where I found light yellowing stains. To light to catch on camera and you'd have to get up close in person to see them, but I circled to give you a general area where to find them at.

I wore it out twice and aside the ink stain shown it's the only flaw I could find. Forgive me for the bad quality picture but I don't have a better camera at the moment. Maybe later if needed I can borrow a better one off a family member.
Measurements: 89cm length, 90cm bust, 73cm waist

previous sales post <-- BTSSB blouse, feel free to offer me lower!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:pink, item:jumperskirt
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