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DS: Angelic Pretty jsks, Rare BTSSB jsk(she is sleeping), and angelic pretty socks!

Prices are in USD and including shipping within the U.S.!
I only accept paypal at this time.
My feedback can be found here:
I'm accepting offers and trades on all items!
I am located in Southern California

Feel free to ask any questions~! :)
1. She is sleeping BTSSB rare fully shirred jsk. Rare jsk in light pink, has a couple little stains near the S in sleeping on the front. I haven't tried to get the stains out for fear of hurting the dress. I'm asking $250 including shipping within the US.
IMG_1690 IMG_1681
*Second pic is of the little stains

2. Angelic Pretty Pastel A la Mode Gingham red jsk. The print on this dress is in great condition, the lace under the arms is a little discolored, but I'm sure a bleach pen could fix that. That being said, you cannot see the discoloration when wearing the dress. I'm asking $200 including shipping within the US.
IMG_1688 IMG_1677

3. Angelic Pretty Gingham Frill Black Jsk. This dress is amazingly pretty irl. The top stitching of the bottom decorative bow is a little loose, and the black fabric looks like it has pulls in it, can't notice unless you are really close to the dress, or it might just be how the fabric is. I'm asking $150 including shipping within the U.S.
IMG_1686 IMG_1675

4. 20% reduction on Angelic Pretty OTKS in black. NWOT asking $25 $20 shipped (SOLD) within the US.

Thanks for looking~!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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