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New Items + 4 Day Repost: Peace Now, Meta, Swimmer

Hello again~

EGL Feedback
Positive: 68

Neutral: 0
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+ Paypal only please.

+ Located in the US. I ship within a week after payment, or in the case of a trade as soon as the details are settled. I save receipts as proof of shipment and will show them to you if asked. :) 

+ I have two dogs, I don't go near them in lolita but if you are especially sensitive please take caution. 

+ I'll always try to leave feedback if you do the same! 

PEACE NOW Raglan spiderweb top- $15 shipped in the US, $20 international.

Good used condition, lots of life left.

8/12/12 Sold, thank you!

Metamorphose Pop Swinger Set, Navy. $175 $140 shipped in the US, $150 shipped international

Set includes: JSK (removable parts: waist ties, 3 ribbon pins, collar), socks, alice hairband

Jsk measurements: approximately 38" bust max, 33" waist max? The partial shirring in the back is quite flexible.

Bought literally brand new with tags from a seller on EGL. But for personal reasons I can't keep it. I am asking what I paid, $175, or I am very trade friendly with this set. 

Proof (collar not attached in this pic):

Example coordinate (collar attached):

Stock photos:


8/9/12 Sold, thank you!

SWIMMER Cat, Moon, Pearl and glitter hair slides- gold. $10 shipped anywhere

Bought new from Swimmer. They have been removed from the original packaging but never worn.

8.9/12 Sold, thank you!

Offbrand mohair cardigan in the style of Sexpot Revenge. $15 shipped in the US, $20 international. 
Only worn once, practically new.

Beware, two patches say "F*ck you."

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day! I'll be stepping out for a few hours with guests but will be back to answer any questions asap. If you'd like to buy feel free to PM me your info and I will invoice you when I return.

Tags: !ds, metamorphose, offbrand, peace now
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