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EGL Rule Update: Illegal Replica Policy

Hi, everyone!

Back in June, we were contacted by a representative from Angelic Pretty. The representative expressed their concern over the fact that illegal replica items were hurting their business, and asked for our help in addressing the issue. In mid-July, they formally requested that we ban replica items from egl and egl_comm_sales. You can read that original announcement here. Since then, we've been working with them to craft an official policy regarding replicas on egl and its sister communities.

In addition to this ban, Angelic Pretty, Mary Magdalene, and Innocent World have all directly spoken out against replicas. You can read more about it by clicking on each brand's name to read their respective announcements.

Hopefully, this announcement will help clear up any lingering questions about the recent replica ban. It will also be linked in the rules if you have any questions going forward.

We're not the copyright police, and we're not even the regular police- so please, don't take this statement as our intrusion into or commentary on your personal choices. The EGL ban does not extend to your personal life and wardrobe, you may still wear whatever you want that makes you feel good, regardless of whether or not it is allowed for discussion on EGL. We're not going to hunt you down or shame you for it. Simply be aware that in this very small, very specific corner of the internet, there are now certain lolita-related things that you may not talk about!

Please be aware that discussion of these topics will result in your comments being screened. Repeated violations will result in official warnings and temporary or permanent bans.

This rule change only bans illegal replica items. Replicas that reproduce copyrighted material (including, but not limited to, original print art, original logos, and original mascots) are considered illegal. Replicas that do not reproduce copyrighted material are not subject to these rules and may be freely discussed.

Not sure if your replica item is okay? Before proceeding, please click here to see our Replica FAQ for more details on the differences between legal and illegal replica goods.

EGL Policy
Posts violating these rules will be deleted. Comments violating these rules will be screened. Repeat violations will result in a warning.

1. You may not discuss sources of illegal replica items on egl (including, but not limited to, illegal-replica-producing shops, illegal replica retailers, and illegal-replica-centered sales groups).
2. You may not talk about illegal-replica-centered discussion forums (e.g. blogs, outside communities, etc.).
3. You may not include retailers who primarily produce illegal replicas on "where to buy" lists. Many shops have produced a small handful of illegal replicas in the past but now primarily produce original items (e.g. Bodyline, HMHM, Kidsyoyo, etc.). Discussion of these retailers, or other retailers who produce primarily original goods, is acceptable- though you may not talk about their illegal replica goods.
4. You may include illegal replica items in media posts (e.g. photoshoots and closet posts). If you must mention an illegal replica item by name, you may not say where you purchased it. Instead, you should list it as an "offbrand" item or "replica of [original item name]."
5. You may make requests asking for the original brand source of illegal replica items, provided identifying markers of replica makers (e.g. replica maker's watermarks) are removed or obscured.
6. Requests for authenticity checks- in other words, ensuring an item that was sold as an original good is not an illegal replica- are allowed. Additionally, if you suspect you have been sold an illegal replica item instead of an authentic piece, we encourage you to contact the moderation team for assistance.
7. You may not post reviews of illegal replica items' quality.
8. You may not post reviews of the service you received during the order of an illegal replica good.

EGL Sales Community Policy
Any member caught attempting to sell illegal replica items will have their post immediately deleted or rejected from the queue, and a moderator will leave an explanatory notice.

Any member caught attempting to pass an illegal replica item as a genuine brand item will be treated as a scammer and immediately permanently banned from the community.

1. Illegal replica items may not be sold on egl_comm_sales under any circumstances.
2. You may not make WTB posts for illegal replica items.
3. Replica fabric is banned, along with any copyrighted print fabric that cannot be confirmed as authentic or as having come from a legal source. Sale of copyrighted print fabrics with known legal sources are allowed (i.e. fabric salvaged from an original brad dress, or excess fabric purchased directly from the company or artist that designed it).
4. You may sell handmade items constructed from commercially available, non-copyrighted fabrics, even if those non-copyrighted fabrics have been used by brands before- examples include IW and Meta's floral pieces that don't feature brand names in the print, or Victorian Maiden's regimental stripe fabrics.

Please note that moderators reserve the right to cast any final judgments on the authenticity of items and fabrics. If we suspect you are selling an illegal counterfeit item in violation of our rules, we may request that you remove the item or delete your post until you are able to conform to our rules or can provide sufficient proof of authenticity. Anyone caught violating these rules and attempting to pass an inauthentic counterfeit as a genuine article will be considered a scammer and dealt with accordingly. It's fine if you want to buy or sell replica items- but EGL and its sister sales community are no longer the place to do so.
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