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DS: h.NAOTO, Putumayo, Stigmata, Yosuke shoes, LizLisa, and more.

Selling some White List and other brands,
Prices do not include shipping, shipping is usually from Luxembourg, but if you decide to purchase before this Friday, I will be shipping much cheaper from Germany. (please let me know which shipping way you prefer - simple airmail, registered etc.)

h.Anarchism for Plus T-shirt. Good condition, but slightly stretched. 12 euro.

Ring crown. Perfect condition, never worn. 14 euro.

Pendant crown. Very good condition. 13 euro.

Stigmata (Sexy Dynamite London)
Ripped tights. Very delicate, very good condition. 10 euro.

Yosuke (bought in OIOI)
Shoes size 39.5(EU)/25(JP)– very good condition, worn twice. 60 euro.

Spiderweb stockings (Japan, bought in Atelier Pierrot) – medium condition, a couple little holes, can be easily fixed. 5 euro.

Offbrand or European

Fingerless Gloves – perfect condition. 8 euro.

Black corset top (Europe), very good condition, 8euro. SOLD

Raven Maxi-Skirt (Europe) – Free size, very good condition. Bottom layer has some damage, but has been fixed. 50 euro.

If you need any more info or photos, please feel free to ask!
more possible loliable items (mostly gyaru or vkei fashion though, some some brands like Vivienne Westwood, LizLisa or Listen Fravor there as well) can be found on my journal.

my feedback page:
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