helloashrey (helloashrey) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB BTSSB Red Riding Hood Cape, Fawn JSK or OP

Location: Portland, OR
Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1901459.html

Hello friends! I am looking for the following items, preferably in the US, to avoid high shipping, but I will consider these coming from anywhere if it's the right deal. I want them all soooo badly. Mostly the fawn items, though.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Red Riding Hood cape/hood- It doesn't matter the version, it just needs to be red to complete my red riding hood set

Fawn JSK or One Piece! I am looking for either the Metamorphose Crown Label Tales of the Wood JSK or One Piece in pink or white (preferably white!)
OR (now this is a reach since it's so rare) the Innocent World lotta JSK and the color on that one doesn't really matter.

I raised fawns when I was a little girls so I think it would be extra special to have a fawn dress to wear about. :)
Please let me know if you can help!

Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, color:pink, color:white, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, metamorphose
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