audrey ♥♥♥ (fishing_teh_sky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
audrey ♥♥♥

DS: Offbrand poofy long petticoat

hey lovely gals~! i'm selling an offbrand super poofy, long petticoat!

~I accept Paypal for payment
~Prices include shipping (except for international orders)
~Prices are negotiable
~Feedback page:

1) Offbrand Poofy Petti- $25 shipped in the U.S.
Super poofy petti! It's a bit long, but I'm sure if cut it will go great under JSKs or skirts~! It has never been worn before, so it's basically new :D
Length: 75cm
Size: Free Size


Thank you for looking \(^o^)/
Tags: !ds, item:innerwear, offbrand
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