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DS: *Final Reductions!* AP, GLW, Offbrand


My Feedback Page

Prices and Payment
♥ All prices are in USD.
♥ Prices do not include shipping.  
♥ I only accept Paypal. I don't charge fees.
♥ Feel free to make offers. Of course, I reserve the right to say no for whatever reason.
♥ Prices do not include shipping. 
♥ I ONLY ship with delivery confirmation. Let me know if you’d like to add tracking or insurance.
♥ All packages will be shipped within 72 hours of full payment.
♥ I am not responsible for lost packages. 
♥ I’m happy to ship anywhere in the world. The buyer is responsible for any customs fees or other charges associated with acquiring the package. 
Other Important Information
♥ All clothing items have been freshly laundered/dry cleaned and everything has been safely stored.
♥ Smoke free home
♥ We do have cats. However, as stated above, everything had been cleaned and stored away.
♥ I'm not interested in trades at this time.
♥ I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.
I am happy to answer any questions!


Fairy kei style skirt (Refuse to be Usual)
$25 $20 $16


FK003   FK006

Min. Waist - 25 in.
Max. Waist - 38 in.
Length - 13 in.
Condition: Worn a few times, but no flaws that I can see.
Notes: Adorable eye catching skirt. Perfect for fairy kei and similar styles.

Blended Strawberries and Cream 1G Twin Tail Wig (Gothic Lolita Wigs)
$50 $40 $32
$25 $20 $16 for the base wig and $25 $20 $16 for the tails. I'll split the set if I can find a buyer for both.

TT064   TT066   TT062   TT070   TT071

Condition: Never worn just tried on with wig cap. It has not been cut or styled in any way.
Notes: This is the "first generation" version, so the hair on the base wig isn't as heavy as the newer version. 

Seal Stamp OTKs with Garters in Green (Angelic Pretty)
$40 $32 $25

APS010   APS014

Condition: Perfect
Notes: They've been tried on while wearing tights, but never properly worn. Bought directly from AP, and they've just been sitting around ever since.

Blouse and Cape Set (Fan+Friend)
$35 $28 $22

FF024   FF021   FF031   FF032   FF033   FF026   FF027

Size/Measurements: There is a tiny bit of stretch to the fabric, but no shirring.
Max. bust - 31 in. 
Max. waist - 27 in.
Condition: I am the third owner, but the blouse still looks and feel nice. There is a small stain on one of the cape ties. (See pictures.)
Notes: It features thick cluny lace and a large collar, but my favorite detail is the pearl beading on the cape.

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