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DS/DT: Dreamy Dollhouse OP set in lavender!

Hello EGL!

I'm looking to sell of trade my Dreamy Dollhouse OP set because it didn't go together with the rest of my wardrobe in the way I had hoped - that, and I'm running out of storage space. :,> The set is used. As far as I know, I'm the second owner. I've only tried on all the items included, which would be the lavender OP dress, matching OTK socks and a matching AP sidebow. The socks have visible wear on the heel, but otherwise, I can't find anything wrong with the set. I can take more pictures of it upon request! Don't be shy! My feedback can be found here!

My tradelist is as follows! (both partial trades and trades can be done)
Sets preferred! But I will look at individual stuff, too! :)

- Royal Cards halter neck JSK in any color
- Chocolate Rossette JSK in brown, ivory or red
- Fancy Box long JSK in navy or black
- Wonder Story JSK in blue or red
- Twinkle Ornament JSK in black or red
- Honey Cake round version JSK pink, yellow or ivory (pink and yellow preferred)
- Magical etoilé full shirring JSK (set) pink or sax
- Dreamy dollhouse full shirring JSK (set) pink
- White high collar blouse with short sleeves

Unfortunately, I won't look at anything else for the time being. I am, however, willing to sell the set for 260€ shipped anywhere. :)
     Proof photo!

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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