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!WTB !SS (Looking for shopping service to a BTSSB store)

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1939924.html
Friend's feeback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1906227.html

Hello, I'm searching for someone who lives near a Babyssb store (or who will be visiting one in the next week or so) who would like to act as a shopping service for my friend and I. Baby and AatP are currently having an amazing summer sale, the only problem being that they ran out of stock online, and some pieces are only available in store. They currently aren't accepting orders by email for what we want, so that's why I need a shopping service.

The sale doesn't officially end till Aug 20, however they're selling out fast even in stores, so I need to hurry. I would ask that you could get to the store in the next week to week and a half, because their supplies are running out quickly! :( However if you're going anytime before the 20th please feel free to comment, you might be our only hope D:

I am searchicg for the misty night royal game jsk (non-halter version) which is here . My first choice would be the black version, but if they run out of black I'll take red. I don't much care for the brown, so black or red, please. I would also like to purchase the OTKs here in misty night royal game, also in black if possible but if not, then any color but brown.

My friend is looking for this jsk here in black, if not black then red, but she does not want pink.

Please make an offer on SS fees, and if you have a shipping estimate to the US that would be great too. Thank you so much for your time, and please feel free to ask any questions :) Also, please leave a comment if you are interested; you can PM me, but it's easier to contact me via email. If you are interested, leave a comment that includes a link to your feedback page. I will PM you with my email, and we can continue from there. Again, thanks for your time, have a great day :D
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