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DS: Closet Cleaning! Bodyline dresses, Dear Celine Cutsew, Meta skirt, accessories DT: AATP JSK

I am moving to New York this weekend, so it's time to sell some of my wardrobe before I go. 

~ Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1051770.html
~ I will ship the same day payment is received or the next day the post office is open
~ I ship from Massachusetts
~ I take Paypal only 
~ Prices listed include shipping by First Class within the US. For international customers, please inquire! Please understand in advance that tracked & insured shipping from the US to another country is very expensive.
If you are concerned about your Paypal being misused, please comment with your intent to buy, then PM me your address. You will have the same priority as if you posted your Paypal directly. 


Item 1: Dear Celine Cutsew SOLD
Color: Black with white lace
Size: L
Condition: Excellent. I received it in a trade and have not worn it at all. 
Asking Price: $40 shipped in US


Item 2: Bodyline Blouse
Color: Black
Size: 3L (Since Bodyline sizing does not make sense, I will say that it easily fits 90 cm bust and 74 cm waist) The back has corset lacing to adjust size up or down. 
Condition: Great. It was worn once then washed. 
Asking Price: $35 shipped in the US
Item 3: Bodyline "Cat Window" OP SOLD
Color: Black
Size: M (Max size: 90 cm bust, 74 cm waist)
Condition: Good. Has been worn several times but has been thoroughly cleaned with no fading or damage. There is one faded spot on the print, on one of the grey circles next to the cat, but this was like it when I purchased it and is not very noticeable (it is the circle to the right of the present box)
Asking Price: $40 shipped in US


Item 4: Metamorphose Rose Flocky LP skirt
Color: Light grey with black flocky
Size: Free. Easily accommodates 90-100 cm waist
Condition: New with tag
Asking Price: $90 shipped in US
Item 5: BTSSB Cinderlla Jewelry Necklace
Color: Bronze
Size: N/A
Condition: New with Tag
Asking Price: $40 shipped in US

Item 4: Meta LP Wristcuffs
Color: White with pink lace
Size: N/A
Condition: New without tag. Note that the wristcuffs did not come with a brand tag; I think this is because they are from a lucky pack. Since they do not have the brand tag the price is lower to reflect this. 
Asking Price: $20 shipped in US

Item 7: Bodyline "Angel Wing Sleeves" JSK SOLD
Color: Off-white
Size: M (Fits 90 cm bust, 74 cm waist. May stretch a couple cm more but I would not recommend this)
Condition: Great. Worn several times but thoroughly cleaned with no damage. The material has a slight stripe texture to it.
Asking for: I would like to trade this for this JSK: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/photos/l412-2.jpg?8/6/2012%209:05:59%20PM or any other low-end brand chiffon JSK in white. Otherwise, I am asking for $45 shipped in the US.


(Sorry I noticed after the picture was taken but the black things on the bottom are stray threads from being stored alongside a sewing project)

I would like to trade my Alice and the Pirates Tarot Card JSK for a dress on my wishlist: http://s50.photobucket.com/albums/f321/Dragonlover17/Wishlist/
I am primarily looking for Black Cat, Witch, and Apple JSK  in any color but beige, with red being the highest priority. I will also look at other brand dresses in gothic/pirate/classic style. 
I am not looking to sell, but since I need to list a price for DT now, that would be $500. 


Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, dear celine, metamorphose
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