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!DS&Updates: Infanta, Surface Spell

Feedback on eglfeedback in here.

If you were in the VM Short Boots Replica group order/pre-order in the past and did not receive an email when they were released in May and June, please send us an email ASAP. There were 2 people that we were not able to get in touch with as the email addresses and paypal email addresses were not working.


Infanta Black Velveteen Shorts (US$40.95)
Infanta Moon's Elegy Chiffon Blouse (US$50.95)
Infanta Wisteria Whisper Lady Embroidery Blouse (US$40.95)

Infanta Dolly House Print Series(3 colourways):
Infanta Dolly House Skirt (US$56.95)
Infanta Dolly House JSK (US$72.95)
Infanta Dolly House OP (US$72.95)
Infanta Dolly House Headbow (US$9.95)
Infanta Dolly House Bonnet (US$16.95)
(Custom sizing will be available for this series only at around late August or in early Sept)

Surface Spell
Surface Spell Vanilla Ice Cream High Waisted JSK(available in 6 colourways) (US$71.95)
Surface Spell Lady In Black Jacquard Dress (US$81.95)

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