lei_yukoi (lei_yukoi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Royal Chocolate Low Waisted JSK+Hat, 1st Edition Royal Chocolate Sallopette and JSK


Note to sellers*
I have no problem with shipping fees :)
That's just how it is! and i'm happy to pay it! (please don't take advantage of it though)



Hello! I know this might be abit early to WTB for Royal Chocolate, but I'd just like to express a big interest to anyone that is wanting to sell theirs.

I'm looking for the low waisted JSK in Dark brown (I might be interested in mocha too)~ M Size only The Pricing im looking at is what you would of paid to get it+whatever shipping you paid to get it to you
Basically I will cover all costs it took for you to buy it ^^ then I will pay shipping ontop


I'm also looking for:
Royal chocolate Salopette 1st edition in Dark brown or White

Royal chocolate JSK 1st edition in Dark brown or White


Thank you for your time~

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, item:jumperskirt, item:salopette
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