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DS: HUGE post, lots of brand and sizes


EGL Feedback:
Personal Journal Feedback:
Location: Adelaide, Australia

ダイヤ Prices are listed in AUD, Australian dollars
クローバー I live in a smoke-free and pet-free home (unless you count pythons as pets)
ハート At this time I would prefer sales though would consider layaways if the item does not sell straight away. For a layaway I will require a 20% deposit which is non refundable. Length and payments can be discussed.
スペード Sale price does not include shipping unless noted otherwise.
ダイヤ First person to agree to sale and shipping price and provide their paypal address will get the item.
クローバー After a confirmation of sale has been made payment needs to be made within 24 hours unless otherwise requested. I will not hold without a deposit unless I know you or have sold/bought from you before or unless otherwise negotiated before the sale. If no contact is made after 24 hours the item may be passed on to the next person in line.
ハート All items are sold in as in condition, unless otherwise stated are secondhand which means that they may have small marks or minor imperfections. I will do my best to list anything I notice but if you are anxious about condition please ask or check before buying I am human and may miss small things. All sales are final, please be sure when you request to buy.

スペード Measurements are approximate and either taken from Hello lace or measured with a measuring tape. Please note they may not be accurate and I will not take responsibility for items not fitting.

ダイヤ Please allow me up to a week to post your item.

クローバー Wishlist is in progress but can be found here! I love trades!
Please consider the style of items that I am looking for, while I will consider anything I am less likely to accept items that are not in or similar to my wishlist items.

Baby the Stars Shine bright Paris Windows Print II JSK and matching headbow $360 $340
Bought brand new and worn once (my first lolita meet) and stored since. Regretfully listing, the details on the collar are gorgeous check out the close up pictures on the hello lace page.
Measurements: 91cm length, 89cm bust, 74cm waist (as per Hello lace) ok up to 95cm bust and 80cm waist.
Hello lace:
Angelic Pretty Twinkle Tarten Heart Pocket JSK $185
Very good condition. Measurements: 89cm length, 88cm bust, 75cm waist

Hello lace:

Angelic Pretty Candy Treat JSK and head bow $365 $350 (JSK AND HEADBOW NEW WITH TAGS)
Im still unsure about selling this as its brand new with tags, i love the colourway but have not had the chance to wear it and now need the money.
Measurements: It is listed as a 72cm waist and 90cm bust but I think it can go at least another 5, maybe 10cm on those measurements due to the shirring.
Hello lace:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Early Summer chocolate strawberry Parfait OP $165
Excellent condition. Measurements: 94cm length, 40cm shoulder width, 92cm bust, 78cm waist, 20cm sleeve length
Hello lace:

Angelic pretty Whip magic OP and matching bag $255
OP has been worn frequently, the waist ties and buttons have been removed but are included. Very small hole where buttons were removed. The bag is in very good condition. There is matching socks that have been worn frequently and have faded/discoloured but will be included for free. Measurements: 86.5cm length, 88-96cm bust, 70-80cm waist. Hello lace:

Baby the stars shine bright Ice Cream Print JSK and matching headbow $215
Measurements: 92cm length, 84-100cm bust, 66-76cm waist
Hello lace:

Handmade commison Tarten OP $55
Well made with lining inside. Very good condition.
Measurements: 88cm waist, 96cm waist

Angelic Pretty Fantasic Dolly with matching headbow $390
Excellent condition , sad to let this one go. It was on my wishlist but unfortunately doesnt fit.
Measurements: 86.5cm + 3.5cm (tulle) length, 93cm bust, 73cm waist, 17.8cm sleeve length

Angelic Pretty Whip magic JSK with matching headbow and socks $325
Excellent condition, one tiny dot on the back of the skirt, my friend told me it was there but I took a good 15 minutes looking and it was barely worth mentioning. Measurements: 86.5cm length, 88-96cm bust, 70-80cm waist.
Hello lace:

Angelic Pretty Toy fantasy white OP $350
Excellent condition Lolibrary:
Measurements: Bust 91, Waist 71, Length 85 + 3
Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake JSK with matching headbow $350
White is no quite as bright as it was new, but still in very good condition
Measurements: 84cm + 5cm (frill) length, 87~100cm bust, 68~81cm waist
Hello lace:
Angelic Pretty Tiara Rose JSK with matching headbow $270
Excellent condition
Measurements: 88cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 88~98cm bust, 68~78cm waist
Hello lace:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cul de Paris JSK $110
Excellent condition
Measurements: 88cm length, 84cm bust, 72cm waist
Hello lace:

Metamorphose Perfume Bottle OP $255
Excellent condition
Measurements: 84cm length (skirt length: 58cm + 5cm chiffon), 88cm bust, 70cm waist, 16.5cm sleeve length
Hello lace:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Blouse $95
Measurements: bust 95cm waist 82cm.Excellent condition
Angelic Pretty Fully shirred Blouse $100

Measurements: Bust and waist 100cm (approx, could be slightly more) detachable sleeves, excellent condition
Baby the Stars Shine Bright custsew $95
Very good condition. Measurements: 86cm bust, 80cm waist. (T shirt material has some stretch)

Innocent World High collar white blouse with black ribbon. $95 $75
Waist ties are detachable. The flat measurement on the blouse are 90cm bust and 74cm waist.
Baby the Stars Shine bright white blouse $105
Excellent condition. Measurements: (flat) 100cm bust, 94cm waist.
Alice and the Pirates blouse $105
Excellent condition, new without tags. Measurements: (flat) 84cm bust, 80cm waist.

Alice and the Pirates Tote bag $95
This bag is very large!! Not including the handles it is 17.5in x 15.5inx4in deep. Very sturdy bag, has a metal plate on the side with the Alice and the pirates logo. I realised afterwards that the photo wasnt that great, here is a close up example of the print:

Baby the stars shine bright handbag $95

Angelic Pretty Donut Bag $145
Excellent condition, small indent on the front of the bag (not torn, you can somewhat see in the photo)

Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny bag/backpack $55
There is some damage on this bag reflected with the price. The right ear no longer stands and is floppy and the side of the bag has some permanent creases.

Angelic Pretty Marionette Clock bag $105
Very good condition, the hands of the clock have been glued down (when worn the hands would bend really easily, a very small crease on the hand.)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bag $105
Excellent condition, includes shoulder strap
Baby the stars Shine bright heart bag $155
Excellent condition, includes shoulder strap.

Angelic Pretty Candy bag $115
Excellent condition, includes tag

Angelic Pretty Lollipop Bag #110
Excellent condition

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Little Princess Coat. $295
I adore this coat, as you can see I have it in both black and cream!! The sad reality is that it just doesnt really get cold enough in Australia for me to wear these coats! They have both sat in my cupboard unused since I got them! Both sold out on the BTSSB website. The black coat is a previous release.
Measurements: 92cm length, 39cm shoulder width, 94cm bust, 56cm sleeve length
Hello lace entry:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Lace Spring Coat $255
Gorgeous Coat in very good condition, it has a really pretty lace bustle on the back, check out the pictures in hello lace
Hello Lace:

Baby the stars shine bright Cherry Ribbon Print Tiered skirt and matching headbow $160
Very good condition. Measurements: 48cm length, 60~105cm waist
Hello lace:

Baby the stars shine bright Usakumya-chan's Stylish Sweet Time Print Skirt $150
Excellent condition. Measurements: Full elastic waist
Baby the stars shine bright Apron and matching headbow $90

Excellent condition. Apron is open size

Handmade cupcake skirt with matching headbow $95
Very good condition. Measurements: 53cm length, 78cm waist
Baby the Stars Shine bright skirt $35
Very light stains (hard to photgraph) price reflects this. Measurements: 50cm length, 60-70cm waist
Emily Temply Cute flocky polkadot skirt $95
Very Good condition Measurements: 47cm length, 60-90cm waist
Hello lace:

Metamorphose Polkadot skirt $95
Excellent condition. Measurements: 51cm length, 66~70cm waist
Bodyline Skirt $20
Good condition, has had some wear. Very small dots on the front of the skirt. Measurements: 56cm length, 60-75cm waist
Moi-même-Moitié Divine Cross Velveteen Skirt $265
New with tags. Measurements: 51cm length, 64cm waist
Hello lace:

Angelic Pretty miracle Candy Skirt with matching headbow $255
Excellent Condition Measurements: 48cm length, 63~73cm waist Hello lace:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Hem scalloped skirt $120
Measurements: UP to 70cm waist Lolibrary:

Alice and the pirates pants SOLD

Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy Skirt $220
Excellent Condition 45cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 62~84cm waist
Hello lace:
Angelic Pretty Queen Playing Cards Skirt $165
Very good condition. Measurements: 43cm length, 66cm waist
Small amount of wear on the fabric, see here
Hello lace:
Bodyline Kids playing Skirt/removable apron top $75
Measurements: 50cm length, 60-85cm waist

Baby the stars shine bright Heart Buckle shoes in M (23.5cm) $95
Very good condition, some light scratches around the base and the glue has yellowed slightly, only noticeable when looking close up. More photos available.
White antAina heels $35
L size, 24.5 cm
Baby the Stars shine Bright Tiara Gobelin shoes (M size) $140

Excellent condition, like new

Innocent World Ankle Ribbon Boots $150 $125
Marked as SS, but fit like S. I can get them on my feet but really tight (im usually a M size)

AP fur headdress $25
Royal Poodle OTK socks (NWOT) $35
Royal poodle head bow $35
Offbrand neko mimi head band $10
Choco mint dangle star hairclip $15
Magical Etoile Headband with Wappen $35

Please do not post you paypal in the thread. Note you interest and then pm the paypal through.
Note that not all of these items belong to me, but they are currently in my possession. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions at the top of the page before requesting a shipping quote. Questions are welcome :) Thank you for looking!

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