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Ds closet cleaning/ pairing down my closet Iw, meta, MMM,offbrand, skirts,jsk,shirts,shoes etc

So I dont wear Lolita much anymore and its really time i face facts and stop having all these clothes just sitting here doing nothing is just depressing so Its time to clear it all out 

basic Information

*I have a cat she is not allowed in my closet or in the room they are stored but there is a good chance there is some cat hair might have come in contact with the clothing so please be aware if you are allergic
* I can ship worldwide
* first to leave a paypal has first priority
*my prices dont include shipping and all shipping quotes will provide tracking unless you specifically ask for none
*If you need more pictures of an item or more information please feel free to ask me
*all measurements are amateur and based off my measuring skills and brand measurements
*i ship typically with in 2 business days but at most it will take me 4 business days and if it takes more then two ill let you know
*paypal only please
*feedback links are here and here
*my prices are not set in stone if you are interested in an item but wish to negotiate Im okay with that but i reserve the right to decline that offer
*and I think thats every thing so lets get to the stuff shall we ^__^ 

lets start with the shirts first

here i have Two peter pan collared IW long sleeve off white shirts in slightly different styles both have been worn by me on occasion but are still in excellent condition. Both are size L by iw standards and I wouldnt push those because they have no shirring so i dont recommend then for anyone who has a waist of 30 inches or more it be best for around a 28-29 inch waist

im looking for 65usd each for the shirts plus shipping

The next shirt is a White Putamayo with black buttons and lacing in the back it also has detachable sleeves so its a very good beginner shirt. I'm looking for 40usd SOLD
and the last shirt in the photo is a rose melody white longsleeve shirt i bought to go with a JSK i no longer own and doesnt really go with the other clothes im keeping so Im looking to sell it for 30usd  sold 

The next shirt im getting rid of is another IW shirt this time its a  L short sleeve antique pink i believe they call it with brown collar ties. Im also looking for 65usd SOLD

the next on my list of shirts is a black full sleeve gothic rose melody shirt. I bought this when i was trying out gothic and it just wasnt for me. this will fit up to a 30 inch waist without a problem possibly another inch but again its doesnt have shirring so thats pushing it. Over the course of owning it i seem to have lost one of the rose buttons but i suck at sewing so i figured i discount it and hope someone with sewing skills is also interested in gothic. I'm looking for 10usd SOLD

my last shirt im putting up for sale is a shirt i got in a meta luckypack over the winter but i really not into fully shirred clothing so im looking to get rid of it so its never been worn. I dont know how large it will get but id say easily 34 inch waist probably more. Im looking for about 65usd


So im only selling one loliable skirt that i bought off etsy a while ago  and i just didnt wear it enough to justify keeping it. its lavender and has an elastic waist that can easily go up to 31 inches and can go an inch or two more but it might start to get uncomfortable. Im looking for about 35usd


so my first JSK is a BTSSB dress i got in a lucky pack that i absoulutely adore but sadly i never lost enough weight to fit into it and at this point i dont see it happening anytime soon so its time for this to have another home. Its quite a heavy dress so its great for wearing in the fall and winter. Its a size medium and i dont recommend this jsk for anyone over a 27 inch waist as i couldnt get it closed at 28.5. Im looking for 80 usd SOLD

the second dress is another loliable find i found in Charolette Russe its a size small but it did fit me when i had a 28.5 inch waist as long as i didnt wear a shirt under it. It does have room for a petticoat but not a OTT super mega ultra fluffy one. Im looking for about 10usd

The first dress on the left is a partially shirred meta dress I got on a trip to japan but never ended up wearing it as soon after i got an amazing IW lucky pack black dress so this sat loney in my closet. It can def fit a 32 inch waist as my friend did try it on for me once and can fit down to a 27 inch waist with no problems because of the shirring. Im looking for 75usd   INVOICE PENDING

the last jsk is the first jsk i ever bought but its time to let it go. Its a bodyline jsk and can fit up to a 31 inch waist without problems. Im looking for 30usd  SOLD

wigs and other items 

SO i have two full wigs i bought during a go that I know longer wear on a regular enough basis to keep so its time for them to go. Both are from the korean wig company Gabalnara 
 and are great syntheic wigs. they look real they feel pretty real ( like your hair is a little on the dry side) and they stay on great. They are both simular in style and the only major difference is the bang cut i did (which there is still plenty of room to go shorter if you prefer short bangs) and one is a half shade lighter then the other one. Im looking for about 60usd a piece for them. Im also not quite sure how to ship a wig since ive never done that so if anyone has tips tricks or good ways to make sure they are going to arrive safe id be more then happy to hear it thanks ^__^


left to right
MMM knee socks-15usd
IW knee socks-15usd
AP strawberry knee socks-15usd
IW thigh hi butterfly ballet socks-15usd sold
Putamayo thigh high butterfly socks-15usd sold

never wore before socks

meta black and blue ballet knee hi- 20usd
Iw light blue ballet knee hi-20usd  

black IW cumberbund. I wouldnt recomend this for any one who has a waist above 28 inches Im looking for about 35USD sold
waist cincher i got off etsy to go with the loliable skirt i had up further in this post but sadly again it never quite fit right and the time to hope i lose a little more weight is over so im hear to sell it. It will not fit anything over 28 inches and prob best for a 26-27 inch waist. Im looking for about 60USD

black body line bolero. Im the second owner and while i love it the sleeves are just a tad too short for me so im getting rid of it. Im looking for 15 US SOLD 

lavender boots size L from secret shop never worn i tried them on and it was just too sweet when it was combined with my sweet dresses for my taste. Im looking for about 80USD 

the next pair of shoes are white anna house shoes but i got rid of most of my sweet clothing so no need for them anymore they have a few scuff marks from the few times i wore them but only noticable if you are looking for them. Im looking for about 40usd for them

last but not least mags

gothic bibles- 12 usd each 5,14,28,28,37,33,36,32 SOLD 27 still up for grabs
kera-8usd each 
gossu loli-10usd sold
fruits mags-3 usd each

Tags: !ds, *plus size, *publications, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, indie brand, innocent world, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:innerwear, item:jumperskirt, item:shoes, item:skirt, item:wigs, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand, putumayo, rose melody, secret shop
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