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!DS: ETC jsk, Putumayo skirt, BTSSB cutsew and accesories

-It's safer for you to PM me your paypal address instead of writing it in a comment.
-Payment by paypal, or bank transfer if you are in Spain. No paypal fees!
-Tracking number is not included.
-I usually ship one or two working days after payment.
-I am not responsible if the package gets lost in the mail.
-I don't smoke and I don't have pets.

Emily Temple Cute dress
Copia (8) de 419534_310873012292735_196889967024374_859822_188138509_n
Small damage:
Lace put by me:
Measurements: 70cm waist, 84cm bust, 90cm lenght
Condition: good, except for the damage that you can see in the photo. I didn't try to wash the dress.
Price: 87€ shipped to Europe, 91€ shipped to worldwide

Putumayo skirt SOLD
Copia (10) de 419534_310873012292735_196889967024374_859822_188138509_n
Measurements: 62-92cm waist, 45cm lenght (with lace)
Condition: good
Price: 38€ shipped to Europe, 42€ shipped to worldwide

Baby, the stars shine bright pink cutsew SOLD
Copia (9) de 419534_310873012292735_196889967024374_859822_188138509_n
Measurements: 68-92cm bust, 66-90cm waist
Condition: Good. The lace just needs ironing.
Price: 36€ shipped to Europe, 40€ shipped to worldwide.

Handmade minihat and Claire's ballerina socks set
Copia (11) de 419534_310873012292735_196889967024374_859822_188138509_n
Condition: very good
Price: 11€ shipped to Europe, 13€ shipped to worldwide

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:cream, color:pink, emily temple cute, handmade, item:cutsew, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:skirt, putumayo
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