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DS / DT: CLoset Cleaning: Brand and offbrand, want everything gone!

- I'm located in Germany
- Prices are in Euro
- Shipping is not included
- I prefer paypal (for Europe bank transfer would be also okay, please only accept invoices from e*******91@l******
- I'm not responsible for lost or damaged parcels
- I live in a smoke and pet free home
- I am open for trades
- I have positive feedback on egl feedback, ebay and etsy
- All prices are negotiable! Just make me an offer, I want all those things gone :).

1. Item: BtssB Swan Lake Skirt in ivory

Measurements: 58cm length, 62~66cm waist
Like new. I'm the second owner. The first owner made the waist larger but it was changed back by a professionel seamstress and isn't visible. Waistties are included.
Price: 60€

2. Item: F+F Coat in black

Measurements: Bust: 94cm, waist: 80cm, length: 97cm, sleeves: 56cm
Like new, only worn a few times, no flaws. Cape + Bow are detachable.
Price: 150€

3. Item: Metamorphose Victorian Princess Socks in mint

New with tag.
Price: 25€

4. Item: Metamorphose Overknees in white / blue

Only worn once.
Price: 20€ 17€ 15€

5. Item: Bodyline Socks

Only worn once.
Price: 10€ 8€ 5€

6. Item: Chou Chou Blouse in black

Measurements: Length: 57cm, bust: 92cm, waist: 78cm, sleeves: 57cm
Bought it used but I can not tell how often it was worn by the other owner, I didn't wore it. No flaws.
Price: 40€

7. Item: H&M Socks SOLD, THANK YOU :)
Never worn.
Price: 10€ 8€ 5€

8. Item: Primark socks

Never worn.
Price: 5€

9. Item: Offbrand Overknees

Never worn.
Price: 10€ 8€ 5€

10. Item: Baby the stars shine Bright Blouse in ivory / offwhite

Measurements: Length: 53cm, bust: 92cm, waist: 80cm, sleeves: 23cm / 62cm
Only worn twice, no flaws. The sleeves are detachable, it has no shirring but two little ribbons around the waist.
Price: 90€

11. Item: Pink corset

Measurements: bust: 70cm, waist: 66cm, length: 39cm
New with tag.
Price: 23€ 20€ 18€

12. Item: Corset in white or purple WHITE ONE IS SOLD, THANK YOU

Measurements: bust: 83cm, waist: 67cm, length: 39cm
Both only worn once.
Price: 15€ 12€ 10€

13. Item: BL Longsleeve Blouse in white

Measurements: Length: 50cm, Bust: 92cm, Waist: 80cm
Price: 35€ 30€ 28€

14. Item: BL Cardigan in sax

Measurements: Length: 37cm, Bust: 84cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Sleeve length: 60cm
Only worn three times.
Price: 32€ 20€ 17€

15. Item: SS Tea Party shoes size LL in sax

Size LL / 24,5 - 25,5cm
Those are 3 or 4 years old, but only worn a few times, normal usage, some scratches and on the right one there's a little hole on the front, please refer to other pictures :).
Details 1 | 2 | 3
Price: 45€ 40€ 35€

16. Item: SS Tea Party shoes size LL in white

Size LL / 24,5 - 25,5cm
I'm the second owner, worn many times, normal signs of usage on the sole, some Scratches and discolourations, bow is removable for details please refer to other pictures :).
Details 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Price: 40€ 35€ 30€

17. Item: Liz Lisa hat in pink NWT

New with tag.
Details 1 | 2 | 3
Price: 20€
Note: Usakumya isn't included ;).

18. Item: Claires Tiara

New without tag, never worn it. Has little combs on the back.
Price: 15€ 12€
Note: Usakumya isn't included ;).

19. Item: Claires umbrella with pearls in white WILL ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE EU!

Small umbrella with lovely pearls, used a few times as parasol.
Price: 10€ 8€

20. Item: Gothic Lace Parasol in black

Only used once.
Price: 10€ 8€

21. Item: Lovelyshoes shoes in black, size 39, new

New and never tried on.
Measurements: Those are a chinese size 39, the inner sole length is around 24,5cm. I would recomend them for a japanese sie 24.
Details 1
Price: 18€

22. Item: Claires heart bag

New without tag.
Price: 10€ 8€

23. Item: H&M Heart bag

Has some scratches and the chain changed it's colour to a more dark gold, but maybe it's removable.
Price: 8€

24. Item: Claires bear earmuffs

New without tag.
Details 1
Price: 8€
Note: Usakumya isn't included ;).

25. Item: Minihat in black

Only worn a few times.
Details 1
Price: 5€

26. Item: Putumayo velveteen skirt in red / black

Worn many times and also washed it several times, no stains or dirt, the velveteen may won't feel as good as a new velveteen would.
waist: 60-100cm, length: 42cm
Price: 75€ 65€

27. Item: Fur shawl in white (note: it's real fur)

Bought this new and never wore it. The seller said it's fake fur but it turned out as a real fur.
Details 1
Price: 20€

28. Item: offbrand Wig in light brown SOLD, THANK YOU :)
Ends at the waist.
Worn twice, it will be shipped freshly cleaned and combed.
Price: 18€

29. Item: offbrand dark brown Wig + Clip Ins SOLD, THANK YOU :)
Without Clip Ins.
Ends where the bra is closed.
Only worn twice, the Clip Ins are a bit messed up and have a slightly different colour than the wig but it isn't really visible when worn. It will be shipped freshly cleaned and combed.
Price: 25€

30. Item: Alice and the Pirates Merry Pagoda Parasol in offwhite SOLD, THANK YOU :)
Only used twice, no flaws. It looks a bit dirty in my picture but it's not! I assume it's the flash.
Price: 40€

Trades: I accept trades. I would prefer trading for the following items, but I also accept trades for other items, just show me what you have ^___^.
- handbag in white (brand prefered)
- AatP Wolf's Muffler
- chiffon blouses
- cardigans
- boleros
- socks (brand prefered)
Please also check out my WTB post.

Thank you so much :).

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