Anne (annewaah) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS Antaina Mint Shoes -NEW-

I'm selling this pair of shoes i got from QutieLand (Antaina)
They are totally new (I never even put these on my feet because they don't fit! ;A;)

They are in mint color, the size is 22cm.
The product price is 40 US$ (US dollar), it does not include the shipping.
I'll be shipping from Brazil, message me so I can tell you how much the shipping + the package price would cost :)
(I'll be sending them on the box they came + shipping package, of course, you won't need to pay any additonal amount for the Antaina box).
I'll try to give you a tracking number
International buyers are totally ok :)

Some pictures:
*Up view




Here they're packed each in a plastic bag inside the Antaina box:

My feedback page

Thanks for reading this :3

Tags: !ds, an*tai*na, color:green, item:shoes
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