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DS: Closet cleaning and moving sale! Open to offers :)

Please do NOT leave your paypal as a comment in the sales post. PM me your paypal please!!! This is for your own safety~ 


Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/280683.html

Buying rules:
- First who comments, will be first-in-line for the item.
- Please confirm within 12h of my first reply to you whether you'll buy the item or not.
- Please pay within 24h of confirmation that you'll be buying the item. If you do not, I'll go to the next-in-line.
- If you've commented first for a hold or payment plan, but the next-in-line can pay within 24 hours, priority will got the the next-in-line.

- I cannot be held responsible for lost of or damage to item(s) or package, if buyer does not choose and pays for tracking or insurance.

- I ship from the Netherlands. Wiling to ship worldwide, as long as buyer pays the shipping cost.
- Prices do not include shipping, please ask me for a quote.
- Shipping cost quoted is always basic shipping. This does NOT include tracking or insurance.
- Items are usually shipping within a week. Due to me moving right now, and travelling between my mother's house and my own, shipping may be delayed. Please show some understanding for this ^_^ 

- Prices do not include paypal fees. Paypal fees are diffferent according to buyer's location. They're between the 3.9% - 5.2% + €0.35
- Buyers who do not opt for tracking have to send payment as gift. OR if you want to be invoiced, show me proof of (positive) feedback and I'll invoice you.

Holds/payment plan:
- Currently I'd rather not do holds/payment plans. If there's no other interest of someone who's able to pay within 24h, I'm willing to do a 1-week hold, with a 50% non-refundable deposit.
- Payment plans are also accepted, if there's no other interest of anyone who's able to pay within 24h. PM me with your plan and I'll see whether I can accept the plan or not.

- At this moment, I'd rather sell than trade. I am however willing to trade, if it's for 1 of these items:
Poison de l'amour princess jsk - navy or black
Scent of Rapunzel JSK II - white, navy, red
Stained Glass/Seraphim jsk (Either BTSSB or AATP vers. are fine) - black
Aqua Princess JSK - black
Dream Sky skirt - black or blue
Angel's whisper in the holy night Raphael jsk - black and navy 
Holy Queen JSK - navy x white, black x white, black x navy

- I'm not a professional, so all measurements taken are taken by an amateur.
- All these clothes fit me. My measurements are bust: 32-33" waist: 26.5" shoe size: EU 37/38, 23.5cm

If you have any questions regarding an item, do not hesitate to ask me. I'll try to answer them the best I can ^_^ 

DreamV coat (right coat) - €65 €52

Not selling the sailor coat!
Does come with the belt and scarf as pictured in the stock-pic, I just forgot to photograph them with it xD Coat has never been worn, tag is still attached.

Meta wine/dark red skirt - €80

Comes with waistties
Min waist: 60cm, can be made tighter with waistties
Max waist: 74cm (might go a little bit bigger, but not much more)

Metamorphose Shor Sleeve Frill blouse with embroidered tie in white - €70

Lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/node/8727
Bust: about 34"

Offbrand white blouse€35 €15

Bust: about 90cm max.

Bodyline sailor cutsew - €25

Worn twice, not sure about the previous owner
Bust: 28"

Bodyline cardigan - €24

Really gorgeous and quite stretchy.
Bought brand new and only wore it once, still in excellent condition.

Secret shop shoes

Left pair has never been worn. €50
Right pair has been worn twice. 50
Both are size M/23.5cm

BTSSB shoes - €50

There's a little damage to these shoes. First the ankle strap of 1 shoe is missing. Second, there's some slight wear, but overall they're still in good condition.
Size M

Red Loris bag - €27

Beautiful bag, never used. The fold you see came from storage, isn't noticable once you actually put something in it >.<

Hair-accessory - €16

Bodyline rose hair clip€3 €1

Deco-lot - €17.50

Buyer will receive all that's pictured in the photo.
If you'd like to buy only a part of the items, leave a comment and we can discuss the options.

Have some items here too: lots of skirts, boots, shoes, bags, socks, nails, and hair accessories. 
Lots of itemsof this previous post are half price if bought with another item! Can also be bought together with items from this post ^_^ 

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