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DS! OP, shoes, bow, and purse!

Here's my feedback:
I live in a house with a cat
Please ask questions if you have any!
US buyers strongly preferred

1. Pink and white dot OP from Bodyline:



Condition is great-- only worn a couple of times and it's just been sitting in my closet.
Size: M
Bust: 32", maybe a bit more, with shirring
Waist: about 24-25" with waist ties to adjust
Price: $60 shipped

2. Antaina sweet lolita shoes: SOLD

3. Fan+Friend alice bow

Very pretty! The lace is nice and soft.
Price: $12 shipped

4. Gothic GLP purse

(yes, the drawstring bag comes with it)

(it looks like the purse has scratches in the picture, but it's heart stitching that connects the handles)

I have not carried this purse out very much as I didn't stay with gothic lolita very long. Now my wardrobe is mostly sweet and I just can't justify keeping it. It has a kisslock closure with faux diamonds. The inside looks like it should have come with a long strap to attach to it, but I honestly don't remember it ever coming with one.
10" wide
7" tall
5" deep
Price: $30 shipped
NOTE: There is an inside zipper pocket, but when I was going through it to make sure I wanted to sell it, the zipper snapped off (it was upsetting). I replaced it with some strands of thread as seen in this picture:


Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, fanplusfriend, item:bag, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece, item:shoes
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