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WTB: Floral or fall-ish like prints JSK

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My birthday is today and wanted to buy myself a little gift.

Being fall is on it's way, want to get myself a nice little JSK that I could wear in the cooler months, but also being able to wear it year around as well is also a plus. 

I want ether something floral for Classic Lolita, though I could do a bit of a sweeter style along it still has a mature look. Also mute or neutral (black/white/ivory) colors are good as well.

I'm a 44.5" bust and 39" Waist. I'm also Petite, around maybe 5'-5' 2"

I don't want to spend anymore than 50$ for the JSK, but willing to spend up to 70$ (along shipping is in the price) if I need to. It could be brand, off-brand or handmade, but the last two likely will be within my price range. I really would like to keep this to sellers in the States and Canada only due to shipping, but I can do anywhere in the world along the price is right.
Tags: !wtb, *petite, *plus size, item:jumperskirt
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