cloverminx (cloverminx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Innocent World jsk (short) + Book Pochette


I'm new to lolita, and I adore Innocent World! At this time, I prefer buying within the US. I will pay in full via Paypal and do not require a layaway.

My feedback link:

I want to buy a short version of an Innocent World Rose and Songbird Stripe jsk in the pink x bordeaux colorway (But I'll look at the navy colorway if it's available). I really love this jsk for its understated print and detailed lace, and how it's almost monochromatic but not quite.

Hellolace Info

I'll also look at any other IW short jsks that would fit a 36in bust, 29-30in waist (93cm bust, 75cm waist). Preferred colors: green, brown, pink, burgundy (bordeaux), black, and grey. Prints and/or solids are okay!

This is a really long shot, but I also really like IW Antique Book Pochette in brown (But I'm open for any colorway except ivory/white). Well, any cute-looking book purse would do too!

Lolibrary Info

Thank you for looking!
Tags: !wtb, color:brown, color:pink, innocent world, item:bag, item:jumperskirt
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