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DS: BtSSB + AatP - strawberry bolero, ice cream skirt, winter coat, sailor jacket

* First to post or PM me their paypal wins the item. I want fast sales. (Paypal only, BTW)
* I have a dog and cat, but my lolita is kept in zipped garment bags in my closet. There may be an occasional stray hair though, so if you're allergic we can work out dry cleaning or whatever works for you!
* I ship priority USPS in the USA and First class internationally. Once a package leaves my hands I am not responsible for damages incurred due to shipping, lost or stolen packages, etc. If you're an international buyer and you would like to upgrade to priority international or registered mail, please state so in the post or message with your paypal and I will calculate the extra charge for you. If it's too much and you are not willing to have it shipped first class, you may back out of the sale and the next person in line will get their chance. I am perfectly happy to provide photos of my packaging choices prior to shipment as well.
* Orders will be shipped within 3 business days after the full payment of the item has cleared.
* Payment plans: $20 nonrefundable (under any conditions) deposit, remainder divided into 3 payments made weekly or sooner. Item shipped upon clearance of final payment. We'll work out an exact schedule for payments after I receive your initial deposit.
* No trades. I do not wear lolita anymore and only maintain a small collection of specific pieces for fun.
* EGL Feedback (Positive: +16, Neutral: 0, Negative -0)
* Any other questions at all, ask me! I will be absolutely happy to help you with anything. <3

Now for the fun stuff! (please excuse messy mid-rearranging room)

pic1, pic2
BtSSB crochet strawberry bolero
History: Bought from Closet Child.
Condition: practically new/extremely lightly worn
Price: $60
Shipping: USA $7, international $15

hellolace entry (includes measurements)
BtSSB ice cream skirt
History: Bought from EGL comm sales
Condition: practically new/extremely lightly worn
Price: $80
Shipping: USA $7, international $15

hellolace entry
BtSSB "milky" winter coat in brown
History: Bought from closet child
Condition: Like new, never worn out by me
Price: $200
Shipping: USA $10, international $35

pic1, pic2, hellolace entry (includes measurements)
Alice and the Pirates sailor tailor jacket
History: Bought on EGL comm sales
Condition: Perfect as far as I can tell, only tried on by me
Price: $100
Shipping: USA $7, international $15

Happy shopping!

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright
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