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DS: Moving Sale! AP Cutsew, IW Luna Stripe, GLW, BL Blouse

Please Read~
-Price includes shipping and paypal fees within the US
-For international, please ask for quote
-Shipping from Florida
-I have a cat, and even though he's not allowed near my closet, he still manages to get in, please be aware if you have allergies.
-Paypal only~

I'm moving in the next couple of months, definitely wanna condense. Open to offers~

1. Angelic Pretty Offwhite Cutsew - $50 SOLD
Bought off the comm, but didn't fit, or match. Only tried on, not sure how much it was used by previous owner, but it looks to be in perfect condition. Open to reasonable offers on this one~

2. Innocent World Luna Stripe Halter JSK Short Version - $120 SOLD
Stock and Measurements
In light of IW's summer sale, I've lowered the price drastically.
Only worn once. However, I busted the zipper. I've fixed it, and secured it, but in the process scraped off some paint on the zipper. I've zipped and unzipped it several times to make sure it's working, and it's fine. Other than that, it has no flaws. I love this dress, but I can no longer deny that it doesn't fit as well as I'd like. Please keep in mind that measurements listed on hellolace are pretty accurate. However, if you have a larger bust, the straps in the back are removable and gives much more room to breathe~

3. GLW Wavy Black Chocolate w/ Pigtails - $30 SOLD

Cut Bangs
Bought new from GLW's website, tried on twice, and cut bangs, but don't like it on me at all. In the process of trying it on and cutting the bangs, it's gotten a bit frizzy and the curls a bit looser as you can see in the cut picture. I really want this gone. Open to offers or trades for this.

4. Bodyline Blouse 2L NWT - $15 SOLD
Stock Pic
Size: 2L
Bust: 38.58''
Waist: 33.86''
(max measurements according to bodyline)
Brand new, only tried on. It just doesn't fit at all. There is a zipper on the side, and even though according to bodyline it's off white, it looks more like white to me. I want this out of my closet D:

Let me know if you have any questions or need more pictures~
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, innocent world, item:wigs
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