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DS: metamorphose, btssb- skirts and dresses

Disclaimer: I don't have a tape measure on me and I am using amateur measurements with a ruler. Though I am trying as best as I can, my measurements may be inaccurate. If you are within 0.5 in within my given measurements of minimum and maximum, you will fit the garment. If not, you won't fit into it.

If one person offers more than the other, I will give it to them. First person who puts down their PP address gets dibs.

I will not ship outside of the US. If the clothes are in worse condition than described, I will refund you and reimburse you for shipping. If you have buyer's remorse, I don't pay for that.

Shipping is $10 inside the US. I will refund you if shipping is less than that.

EGL feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/661169.html

Name: Pop swinger OP
Price: $125
Description: Beautiful dress, worn once. Comes with black ribbon belt. The print is amazingly detailed. It has glitter outlines on some of it and it's very, very vintage. It's too cool for me, but maybe just enough for you.
Size: 27-31 in waist
        34-37 in bust ( can fit larger but will look frumpy and really bad)


Name: meta cherry gingham skirt
Price: $75
Description: Beautiful skirt, will come with belt (not pictured). Excellent condition
Size: 27-31 in waist ( to fit with the belt)
length: 31 in



Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose
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