evilbunniez (sarahscantron) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS! 3 pairs of Angelic Pretty socks, reasonable prices.


I sell to whoever leaves their paypal first. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your paypal in the comments section,  please leave a message in the comments section that you will be PMING me your paypal address so others know the item is no longer available.

I ship from Los Angeles California, USA. Basic shipping is included to the US only. International buyers, shipping will cost an additional $10. Tracking, insurance, whatever, is extra. Please inform me ahead of time if you want those options.

I am unable to take trades or payment plans at this time. 

Paypal fees are already included in the price :-)

All socks will be carefully hand washed before being shipped.

Feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1372403.html

Proof is my steamer trunk. 


Item number 1: AP Candy Treat OTK socks in black

Price: $25 shipped to the US 

Condition: Slight pilling, they have been worn twice by me. I am the second owner. The embroidery in these socks is a bit stretched from my calves (damn fat calves)
example of embroidery stretch: 

Item 2: AP Toy Fantasy OTK socks in black

Price: $35 shipped to the US 

Condition: Slight pilling. I'm the first owner. Embroidery also slightly stretched. 
embroidery example: 

Toy Fantasy and Candy Treat proof: 


Item 3: AP Merry Making Party OTK socks in sax

Price: $15 shipped to the US

Condition: Heavy pilling. I'm the second owner. The pilling is almost to the point where the embroidery separates itself from the sock itself. This is how they came to me.
Example of embroidery stretch: 

Merry Making Party proof: 

Have a nice day! 

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:black, color:blue, item:legwear
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