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DS: Twinkle Mermaid skirt $200 shipped (to US or Canada)!

- Prices is in USD and I accept payment by paypal.
- If you live in the greater Vancouver area, we can arrange to meet in up person, and I can discount you $15 for the shipping! :)
- I'd rather not ship overseas due to Canada post's high charges, but I can if you are willing to pay a lot more for shipping.
- Feel free to make reasonable offers :)
- No trades please! I'm only looking for money right now.

RARE Angelic Pretty Tinkle Mermaid skirt - pink x white

Hello Lace page

*Please note that the skirt for sale is the monochrome version (bottom), not the pastel version in the stock picture.

This skirt has a sparkly print with mermaids and treasure chests, pearls, and an adorable lace-up waist band and bustle back. It is very rare and hard to find!

It measures around 61~71cm, and there is a panel of shirring in the back and waist ties.

It's in very good condition considering its age, there are no cracks on the print or major flaws. There is a small spot of yellowish discoloration on one side, but its very faint (you won't see it unless you are looking for it ~ and I couldn't get it to show up on camera) and it gets covered up in the folds of the skirt when worn. It was like that from the previous owner. I haven't tried to get it out with much effort because I don't want to risk damaging the skirt!

I'd like to get around $200 for this skirt, and that includes standard shipping to Canada or the US.

My feedback page is here.

Thanks for looking!

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