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DS! WTB! Repost 20% off Dessert Collection OP and WTB Melty Mermaid in Ivory skirt only.

- All prices are in Canadian Dollars
- No trades please
- I do not smoke.
- Things are negotiable

- Paypal
- No exchange, no refunds.
- 4% Paypal Fee is not included

- I am shipping from Quebec, Canada
- Local pickup is possible
- I will use the address which is given at Paypal, unless you ask me to ship it to another address
- I use Expedited Parcel shipping around 20-25$ in the US and 15-20$ in Canada (includes tracking and 4-5 business days delivery)
- I will not be held responsible for anything lost if you do not chooseExpedited Parcel since the only other options are without tracking or the more expensive Xpress post. 
  No refunds.

Dessert Collection OP Asking - 500$  400$

Excellent Condition, No flaws.
Gorgeous piece, my dream dress. Unfortunately my bust and rib cage is too large for this so I will have to look for the skirt instead.

Measurements are as follows according to Hello Lace: 
90cm length, 91cm bust, 70cm waist, 19.5cm sleeve length, 28cm cuff

WTB Melty Mermaid from AaTP in ivory and the skirt version only.

Thank you for looking~

Tags: !ds, !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty

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