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DS: Sold (Older Sales Still Have Items)

Feedback available here: (100% positive!)

Before I start, I am shipping from Canada, which can be expensive. The prices listed do not included shipping. Payment must be done through paypal and payment must be cleared before I will ship the item. Finally, there are no refunds and I cannot accept responsibility if the post office loses the parcel. I can show proof that I have shipped your item. I am not looking for trades at this time.

Feel free to pm me questions that are not already answered in the post!

Bodyline Petticoat:
This is a short petticoat, with cute hearts all over it! It's white, which makes it perfect for hiding under that adorable little skirt and giving it some extra poof! It's never been worn.
Maximum waist measurements to fit this item would be 80cm.
Price is $10. SOLD!!

Bunny Jacket:
This is an adorable winter jacket with bunny ears on the hood, as well as cute red plaid frills on the edges. I personally love it and have worn it for a few years, but I'm outgrowing the style. It's in very good condition, but I lost one of the buttons on the back. I fixed this by replacing both buttons with plain, black buttons. The change is hardly noticeable.
Max measurements are 97cm (chest) and 79cm (waist). The hips are free-sized.
Price is $30. SOLD!!

Older sales (Metamorphose blouse, Secret Shop shoes, more bodyline items) can be found here.

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